AP Environmental Review


Slide 1  See Figure 1-1 Page 2   

  1. Explain why populations of human ancestors  and  the first Homo sapiens remained at just a few million individuals for several million years?
  2. What effects did the agricultural revolution have on human populations?  Why?
  3. What effects did the industrial revolution have on human populations?  Explain what factors about this revolution caused this.
  4. Why is there uncertainty about the population of 2100 AD?  Explain.

Slide 2  See Figure 1-4 Page 6

  1. What factors in developed countries account for their relatively small part of the world’s Homo sapien population?
  2. What factors exist in developing countries that account for their majority of the world’s Homo sapien population?

Slide 3  See Figure 1-8 Page 10

  1. Explain how a nation like the United States (300 million people) can have a global footprint 3 times the size of a country like India that has already exceeded a population of 1 billion people?
  2. Relate the ecological footprint to a growing resentment in the world toward the United States.

Slide 4  See Figure  1-9 Page 12

  1. If you were given the power to change the world, what would be your top three environmental problems that you would use your power and wealth to change?  Explain why?

Slide 5  See Figure  1-13 (2) Page 17

  1. What factors would make a society sustainable?  Be specific.
  2. Why do social, economic, and environmental factors have to be considered when making decisions about how to become sustainable?