Earth Systems Schedule

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State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Sept 4 (Tues)

periods 1- 6

Students will explain the relationships between human behavior and environmental problems in terms of sustainability.
1) Course & Instructor Introduction (syllabus)
2) Student Introductions
3) Adopt a topic action semester project doc ; same document in rich text format

Sept 5

periods 1 - 6


1) Picking of "adopt a topic" by randomly pulling names
2) Personality assessment for small group placement
3) Reading assignment (Ch 1 pp 6 - 16 end before ENV. PROB.) & outline;

Thursday's lab will be on designing a wind turbine blade that creates the greatest speed. Please research 5 factors (print out source & write down 5 factors) about a wind turbine blade that would affect its speed. Also, bring materials that you think might make good turbine blade material (cardboard, plastic, balsa wood, alluminum pie pans, etc.).

Sept 6

periods 1,3,5


1) Homework check: outline, 5 factors, turbine blade material
2) Video: State of the Planet
3) Lab on Wind Turbine Design (how to do lab writeups)
4) Ch 1 Question & Vocab

Sept 11

period 1,3,5


1) Discussion of Key Ch 1 Information
2) Tragedy of the Commons simulation
3) Affluenza Video

Practice Ch 1 Vocabulary Quiz

Sept 12

periods 1-6 (min day)

  1) Homework Due: Ch 1 Text Notes (all sections); Ch 1 Review Questions ; Tragedy of the Commons questions
2) World Views Discussion; Differentiation of Vocab terms

Sept 13

periods 1,3,5


1) Ch 1 Vocabulary Test
2) "I want to find a difference" lab statistics session
3) Student TTest
4) Lab Writeup Checklist & Rubric
$100,000 Allocation Project (presentation due Tuesday for each table group)

Homework: Ch 1 Take Home Test (DOC, RTF) Due Monday (print out, complete, turn in hard copy), Full Lab Writeup Due Monday (checklist, explanation)

Sept 17
periods 1-6

1) Take Home Test Due
2) Lab Writeup Due
3) $100,000 Allocation Project
4) Ch 2 Study Guide: Questions and Vocabulary

Homework: prepare $100,000 project in light of your "adopt a topic" choice. Due Tuesday. Prepare your assigned questions on the study guide (you will have 20 min. to talk over your presentation with your group and make a poster on Tuesday after "adopt a topic" presentations.

Sept 18
periods 1,3,5

1) $100,00 project: a) make 2-3 pts about your adopt a topic b) inform the class of your group decision of how to spend your $100,000 toward sustainability c) your decision needs to make sense in light of what you presented
2) Video: 10 min of "State of the Planets Animals"
3) Prepare presentations of Ch 2 questions. Give group presentations

Sept 20
periods 1,3,5

1) Work ch 2 questions cooperatively.
2) Enter wind turbine data on web for class to see. A brief explanation of group's results.
3) See visuals of ch 2's content
4) Print out Ch 2 Take Home Test (DOC or RTF) and complete by Tuesday to submit at beginning of class.

Practice Vocabulary Quiz on Quia (random 10 from ch 2 & 5 from ch 1)

Sept 25
  1) Vocabulary Test (Ch 2 --20 questions cumulative to Ch 1 10 questions)
2) Take Home test due
3) Ch 3 Work Guide 1
Sept 26
  1) Work guide due
2) Work guide peer evaluated
Sept 27

1) Ultimate Wind Turbine Blade Contest (Extra Credit Given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place finishers in each class; Bonus Extra Credit to overall winner of 3 classes)
2) Energy Flow discussion
3) Biogeochemical cycles project

Homework: continue work on biogeochemical cycle; outline ch 3 up to Page 70 (stop at hydrological cycle; DUE Mon)

Oct 1
  1) Due: outline to Page 70
2) Ch 3 Vocab & Concepts ; doc; rtf
3) Discussion: law of tolerance; soil horizons
Oct 2
  1) Porosity & Permeability Lab (bring your lab notebooks)
2) Discussion of Ch 3 Concepts
3) Biogeochemical cycles project work (bring text)
Oct 4

1) Biogeochemical cycles Project due & evaluated
2) Finish concept ch 3 discussions
3) Primary Productivity Lab setup
4) Take Home "Multiple Choice Assignment" (DOC, RTF, HTML) due Tuesday

Practice Vocabulary for next Wed's Vocabulary Test @ Quia.com

Oct 9

1) Take Home Test Due!


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