Earth Systems Schedule 2012-13

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Aug 8 (Wed)

periods 1- 6


1) Course & Instructor Introduction (syllabus)
2) Problem solving activity

Homework: read pp 6-16, bring bound composition notebook

Aug 9 (Thurs)

periods 1-6


1) reading quiz (p. 6-16)
2) syllabus discussion
3) working percent increase, population increase, & rule of 70 problems

Homework: population problems

Aug 10 (Fri)

periods 1-6


1) Get answers and correct population problems
2) Ch 1 study guide
3) Modeling how to do a presentation with "Environmental World Views"

Homework: Read p17-end of chapter 1 (reading quiz on Monday)

Aug 13 (Mon)

periods 1-6


1) Reading quiz & evaluation
2) Setting up SNB's
3) Environmental World Views

Homework: study for vocab test (Thurs & Fri); (Tues & Wed) prepare to ask about vocabulary

Aug 14 or 15 (Tues or Wed)

1) The "Story of Stuff"
2) Work on group presentations (30 min)
3) Present your findings as a group
4) Vocabulary discerning questions

Homework: prep for vocab exam using glossary in the online monkey resource (20 definitions randomly chosen + 5 words chosen by instructor for you to write a paragraph showing you understand meaning and examples and/or relationships [see example]). As a reminder, only words found in the online glossary AND on the vocab list are the ones you can be tested on!


Aug 16 or 17 (Thurs or Fri)  

1) Vocabulary Exam (CH1)
2) Tragedy of the Commons simulation
3) Discussion of concepts
4) 'The Story of Stuff"

Ch 1 Take Home Test due Monday before class (MUST GET LOGIN FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR BEFORE SCHOOL IS OUT OF FRI) CAUTION: If you login and then abandon your test without SAVING, it counts as an attempt. You get 2 attempts...SAVE before moving your attention toward "bright shining objects."

Aug 20 (Mon)

1) Take Home Test (THT) due before coming to class
2) "Story of Stuff" discussion.
3) relationship statements from ch 1
4) Ch 2 study guide given out in class

Homework: Read Ch2 pp 28-38 for reading quiz: Write on Page 5 of Laboratory Composition Book 2 paragraphs about "Salinization of Soil"

Aug 21-22 (Tues Wed)

1) Ch 2 reading quiz 1
2) Writing Labs (effects of salinization of mung beans)

Homework: Read last half of ch 2 for reading quiz

Aug 23-24 (Thurs Fri)

1) Reading quiz 2nd half ch 1
2) Finish salinization lab
3) Discuss ch 2 concepts

Homework: Finish entire lab writeup for all of the Salinization and Mung Beans lab including paragraphs A,B,C,D,& E from the Part V Discussion. 80 points of grade due Monday. Students scoring below 24/30 on vocab test need to write coherent paragraphs showing the meaning, examples and/or relationships of the 25 terms on the test you were handed. If you don't have your test, pick 25 words from Ch1 and go ahead and do it. Underline them. I helped a student after school on Friday. We were able to accomplish it in 3 paragraphs...HAPPY DANCE!

Aug 27
Mon 1-6 day

1) Evalled salinity lab in class with peers.
2) Discussed positive and negative feedback systems

Homework: 1) question 10-24 of ch 2 study guide in SNB (sci notebook); study for ch 2 vocab happening on Wednesday (10 wrds from Ch 2, 10 from Ch 1, & 5 to write about that could be from either); don't bring book unless it is a block day

Aug 28
Tues 1-6

1) Discussion of Ch 2 concepts

Homework: Finish ch 2 study guide. Study for Vocab ch 2 (Thurs or Fri); get signed up for gambassa.com and click the correct class code below after you have signed up, logged out, and logged back in:

-Period 2 Class Code link (only click on this if you 1. have a gambassa acct & 2 are in period 2)
-Period 3 Class Code Link (only click on this if you 1 have a gambassa acct & 2 are in period 3)
-Period 4 Class Code Link (only click on this if you 1. have a gambassa acct & 2 are in period 4)

Aug 29

1) Ask questions pertaining to vocab and concepts to help build your understanding of Ch 2 vocab meaning & examples

Homework: Study for vocab test on Thurs or Fri (Practice at Quia.com)

Aug 30 or 31
Thurs or Fri

1) Questions about vocab
2) Vocab test
3) Tragedy of the Commons
4) Half-Life-Problems

Homework: Ch 2 Take Home Test (due Monday at midnight; quia.com will be down for maintenance Sat.10pm-2am); tragedy of the commons questions

Sept 4 or 5
Tues or Wed

1) Give back vocab test results
2) Trophic Level simulation: Illustrating energy flow, pyramids, food chains, food webs, & biomagnification

Homework: Read ch 3 up to an stop at "SOIL: A Renewable Resource" on page 67; bring to class 1 cup of dry soil in ziplock bag

Sept 6 or 7
Thurs or Fri

1) Reading quiz over ch 3 up to and including page 66 (gross & net primary productivity)
2) Soil Porosity & Permeability Lab (will hand back lab notebooks first)

Homework: Finish Lab Writeup (Problem, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedures, Data Tables, 2 Bar Graphs, Discussion Paragraphs A & E (only)); read 2nd half of Ch 3 for understanding and Monday reading quiz. Make a gambassa.com account (use your real name), then click the access code for your period (3, 4)

Sept 10

1) Take reading quiz Ch 3
2) Grade lab
3) Nitrogen Cycle

Homework: Question 1- 8 on study guide ch 3

Sept 11

1-6 assembly sched


1) discuss ch 3 concepts

Homework: Finish ch 3 study guide & prep for ch 3 vocab test Thurs (3rd) or Fri (4th)

Sept 12

1) concepts of "laws of tolerance", soil profiles versus horizons, & answer questions about vocab ch 3
2) video: Journey to Plante Earth "State of the Planet's Wildlife"

Homework: Study for Ch 3 vocab test

Sept 13 & 14
Thurs & Fri

1) Ask clarifying questions about vocabulary
2) Vocabulary test over Ch 3
3) Biogeochemical cycles assignment
4) Study guide for unit 1 exam

Homework: Ch 3 Take Home Test

Sept 19 & 20

Unit 1 EXAM

Homework: read 1st half of Ch 4 for reading quiz Friday