Ecocolumn Questions Due Dec. 19

1) Propose three possible reasons why there are such large differences between the Ecosystem Columns in the lab:

2) Identify two Food Chains or Food Webs in in each of your habitats (chambers): (use arrows to illustrate these food chains and food webs; complete sentences are not required for question 2 a,b,c):

  1. Aquatic Chamber
  2. Decomposition chamber
  3. Terrestrial chamber

3) Identify and briefly discuss the biogeochemical cycles which are taking place/which are present in your Ecocolumns. Do not merely state that "they are all present;" instead, provide more specific information.

4) Compare your lab group's somewhat "contrived" or "manufactured" ecosystem with ecosystems found outside the classroom. Describe (i) three similarities and three differences:

9) Discuss five limiting factors in you habitats, clearly stating which chamber(s) you ar referring to:

10) Discuss evidence of ecological succession taking place in your column (or in the column of another lab group if you have not observed any signs of succession in your column).

11) Discuss the stability and sustainability of the ecosystem columns in the lab, including your own.

12) Discuss three trends or patterns which stand out as you think back on the data which you have been recording for 6 weeks. These trends or patterns should apply to the water quality tests or other observations which you have made over this multi-week time period. Briefly discuss these three trends or patterns, providing possible explanations based on environmental science principles.