A.P. E.S.
Energy Resources & Consumption

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Feb 21

1) See MC Unit 4 Results
2) Howard Kunstler essay "Making Other Arrangements" from Orion Magazine (environmental wisdom publication)
3) Energy Types Project: a) labeled diagrams you draw, b) descriptions of how they work, and c) advantages/benefits & disadvantages/challenges (include standard nuclear, a fuel cell, a photovoltaic cell, wind electrical generator, geothermal, & hydroelectric.
4) Home energy audit lab introduced (teacher background) spreadsheet for audit

Homework: Read 355-371 (reading quiz Mon)

Feb 25

1) Reading Quiz
2) Home Energy Audit
3) spreadsheet for audit
4) photovoltaic cost calculator

homework: prepare for ch 16 vocab quiz on Tuesday

Feb 26
  1) Ch 16 vocab quiz (practice)
2) bring electric bill from your home to analyze
3) bring your energy types project to work on
4) discussion of nonrenewable energy source continued
Feb 28
  1) Types of energy project due
2) "Inconvenient Truth" DVD
3) Homework: Ch 16 Take Home Test due Mon
Mar 3

1) Ch 16 Take Test Home Due
2) Article from Scientific American on going solar!
3) Evaluation loop activity

CH 17 Vocab & Concepts (doc, rtf, html)

Mar 4

1) Ch 17 Vocab Test (practice on Quia)
2) Fuel solubility lab
3) How do fuel cells work?

Homework: spreadsheet for audit due

Mar 6

1) Spreadsheet due for home energy audit
2) H-fuel
3) Fuel cells
4) Geothermal?

Homework: ch 17 take home test DUE MONDAY!!! It's a 1,3,5, day