A.P. E.S.
Energy Resources & Consumption

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State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Mar 2



1) Turn in outlines of ch16 up to coal
2) Energy Types Project: a) labeled detailed diagrams you draw, b) descriptions of how they work, and c) advantages/benefits & disadvantages/challenges (include standard nuclear, a fuel cell, a photovoltaic cell, wind electrical generator, geothermal, & hydroelectric.
3) ch 16 vocab & concepts

Homework: outline ch16 from coal to end (due Thurs)

Mar 4



1) Howard Kunstler essay "Making Other Arrangements" from Orion Magazine (environmental wisdom publication)
3) Work on Energy Types Projects
4) Home energy audit lab introduced (teacher background)

Mar 6



1) Turn in homework: a) energy types project b) ch 16 2nd half outline
2) Video: Who Killed the Electric Car? A paragraph explaining the role of each of the following 6: a) automobile industry; b) petroleum companies; c) Bush administration; d) Arnold; e) CARB; & f) consumers.

Homework: 6 video paragraphs, ch 16 take home test

Mar 9



1) Turn in Video paragraphs
2) Evaluate take home test
3) Evaluate FRQ's Unit 4
4) Home energy audit lab introduced (teacher background) spreadsheet for data

Homework: Find the energy data for your 10 home appliances; bring copy of your electric bill; calculate your CO2 pounds released per year from it; & - prepare for ch 16 vocab quiz (Fri)

Mar 11



1) Problems with calculating electricity use? Bills? Spreadsheet?
2) California's big energy gamble
3) Calculate cost of going solar at your house

Homework: 1) complete spreadsheet of your top 10 energy hog appliances; 2) Calculate yearly electrical kWh used at your house & lbs of CO2 emitted; 3) use online calculator to predict cost of going photovoltaic 50%, 75% & 100%.

Mar 13



1) hand in spreadsheet & calculations
2) Ch 16 vocab test
3) Solar Grand Plan from Sci American
4) Video of California Grand Plan
5) Ch 17 vocab & concepts

Homework: Ch 17 concepts due on Monday; Outline solar grand plan and sketch the proposed system on US map

Mar 16



1) Add a) passive solar; b) active solar; & c) cogeneration

Homework: study for ch 17 vocab exam

Mar 18



1) Vocab "round the room"
2) Vocabulary Test Ch 17 cumulative to ch 13
3) Renewable energy cooperative learning loop
4) Fuel and Energy discussion

Homework: Ch 17 take home test ; finish 3 energy types project from Monday

Mar 20



1) Grade ch 17 take home test in class. If you are going to be gone, please email your test answers to me
2) Unit 5 exam review session

Homework: Study for unit 5 exam

Mar 23


  1) 40 question AP style test (25 min)
2) 2 FRQ's (25 min)