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Energy Resources & Consumption

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Mar 8



1) Energy Types Project: a) labeled detailed diagrams you draw, b) descriptions of how they work, and c) advantages/benefits & disadvantages/challenges (include standard nuclear, a fuel cell, a photovoltaic cell, wind electrical generator, geothermal, & hydroelectric.
2) ch 16 vocab & concepts
3) Howard Kunstler essay "Making Other Arrangements" from Orion Magazine (environmental wisdom publication)

Homework: response paper to "Making Other Arrangements" 1) explain 5 misconceptions commonly held about our energy future 2) explain 5 reality checks for those misconception; 3) Analyze 3 of the most painful realities for you. Please support your ideas

Mar 10



1) Making other arrangements responses due
2) Begin presentations Ch 16

Mar 12



1) Ch 16 Vocab
2)Test Home energy audit lab introduced (teacher background)

Homework: "Downstream" video 3 response paragraphs: a) Describe the evidences indicating that mining oil sands of Canada is releasing harmful pollution into rivers and ecosystems (at least 3 evidences)? b) Discuss the powers that will be major players in the upcoming battle to expand mining of the Alberta oil sands (at least 3 players). c) Connect the choices that you make in your lifestyle that may affect the outcome of the oil sands battles (at least 3 connections). Please write in paragraph form but prompt your grader.

Mar 15



1) Writing about "Downstream" video due (4 & 6 periods only)
2) Presentations of ch 16 questions 7 & 8

Homework: ch 16 takehome test (doc, rtf, html)

Mar 17



1) Evaluate ch 16 take home
2) Presentations from Ch 17
3) Energy Problem Set
4) Work on 6 types of energy projects

Homework: a) work energy problem set to quest 9; b) finish energy types project

Mar 26


  Homework: Take home test Ch 17 (DOC, RTF, HTML)