A.P. E.S.
Energy Resources & Consumption

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Instructional Activities

Feb 28



1) Ch 16 Reading Quiz 1
2) Energy Types Project: a) labeled detailed diagrams you draw, b) descriptions of how they work, and c) advantages/benefits & disadvantages/challenges (include standard nuclear, a fuel cell, a photovoltaic cell, wind electrical generator, geothermal, & hydroelectric.
3 ) ch 16 vocab & concepts

Homework: Read 2nd half of ch 16 for reading quiz Wed

Mar 2



1) Reading quiz (starts with "coal"
2) ch 16 vocab & concepts
3) energy problem sets & tables

Homework: finish energy problem set; ch 12 take home due next Wed 7th (pdf; doc); bring book to class on Friday!!

Mar 4



1) Check energy problems set
2) Work on energy types project (due week from today)

Homework: Study for vocab quiz on Mon; ch 12 take home due Wed

Mar 8



1) Ch 16 vocab (16,15,14,13,9,8,7,6) practice taking the test on Quia.com

Homework: ch 12 take home pdf; doc (use print options 2 per page & save paper)

Mar 10



1) Ch 12 take home due

Homework: Ch 16 THT (PDF, DOC)

Mar 12



1) Energy Types Project (6 types) due
2) Ch 16 Take Home Due


Homework: Ch 17 Reading 1st half reading quiz Monday; Response paper to "Who Killed the Electric Car?"
1) Explain the role of 4 major players in the car's "death" (4 paragraphs)
2) Relate this documentary content to the challenges of our society changing toward sustainability (1 paragraph of your ideas in response) Do not spend over 30 minutes on this paper! Due Monday a block day

Mar 14

  1) Ch 17 Reading Quiz
/ FRQ Eval Unit 4 exam
2) Submit "Who Killed Electric Car" response paper due
3) Discussion of Ch 16 & 17 Concepts
Mar 16 Wed

1) Ch 17 Reading Quiz 2
2) Energy types pros and cons summary sheet (Due before spring break)
3) home energy audit due before spring break

Homework: Ch 17 cumulative to 5 vocab test

Mar 18 Fri

1) Ch 17 vocab test
2) Scientific American "A Solar Grand Plan" components on a half sheet writing.
3) Work on Spreadsheet
4) Unit 5 Exam (next Fri before spring break) Study session 7pm night before

Homework: Ch 17 take home test (PDF, DOC); All fieldtrip forms due Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no class next Wednesday due to FT

Eagle Hike


Hike up Eagle Truck Trail
(map from Santiago, 3d map of where to park and trip details)

Mar 21
  1) Eval Ch 17 Take Home
2) prefieldtrip discussion
Mar 23
  Fieldtrip to Desalination Plant, Water Treatment Plant, and Water Reclamation Plant (check in to 1st period and then go to the buses out front. Buses leave at 8AM)

Mar 24


  7:00PM study session in C107 for unit exam
Mar 25

Unit 5 exam

Homework: see pic of whiteboard for spring break assignments (ch 19 take home pdf doc; ch 21 take home pdf doc; ch 22 take home pdf doc)

Extra Credit Reading