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Energy Resources & Consumption

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Feb 24



Unit 4 Exam

Homework: Read 1st half of Ch 16 for reading quiz on Monday; bring text and all materials (notes, pics, & video from wastewater treatment)

Feb 27



1) Ch 16 1st half reading quiz
2) Ch 16 study guide
3) In groups of 3: Describe "the scoop on what happens to your poop" a) preliminary treatment [trash removal]; b) primary water treatment [removal of solid organics]; c) secondary water treatment [lowering BOD]; d) tertiary treatment [filtering through sand]; e) quaternary treatment [destroying coliform bacteria with chlorine]. Please use images take the day of the fieldtrip by your group. You may also use video from my share files.

Homework: Read last half of ch 16 for reading quiz Friday

Feb 29
(minimum day)
  It's Essay Day! 6th period please turn in your essay for Mr Pitts to evaluate
Mar 2

1) Take 2nd half of ch 16 reading quiz
2) Video on doing something about global climate change

Homework: Study for ch 17 (entire chapter) reading quiz

Mar 5



1) Ch 17 Reading Quiz (entire chapter)
2) Energy Types Project: a) labeled detailed diagrams you draw, b) descriptions of how they work, and c) advantages/benefits & disadvantages/challenges (include standard nuclear, a fuel cell, a photovoltaic cell, wind electrical generator, geothermal, & hydroelectric.
3 ) ch 17 vocab & concepts

Homework:work energy problems 1 - 6 from handout

Mar 7

1) Go over energy problems
2) Assign energy 7-8
3) Begin Energy Table

Homework: study for ch 17,16,15,14,13,9,8,7,6,5 vocab test (15 questions from 17 & 16, and 15 questions from the rest) Quia.com

May 9

1) Vocab Test
2) Work day for: a) peer review; b) energy summaries; c) study guide questions; d) wastewater story

Homework: Ch 16 & 17 Take Home Test (PDF; DOC)

May 16

1) Unit 5 exam MC
2) Due: energy tables
3) Due: drawing of nuclear power

Homework: "Home Energy Audit" on gambassa (only put in the "original" item name, description, quantity, wattage {volts * amps DO NOT SUBMIT, JUST SAVE}, hours per day); read 1st half ch 18 for reading quiz

May 19

1) ch 18 reading quiz 1
2) snake toxin LD50 calculations
3) ch 18 concepts (so you can see the vocab to study)

Homework: study for last half *reading quiz ch 18*; finish home energy audit & snake ld50 calculations