A.P. E.S.
Energy Resources & Consumption

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Feb 25 or 26

Mon or Tues


1) Ch 16 study guide questions due
2) Ch 17 study guide
3) Energy problem set do question 1-5 in class (for homework if you don't finish)
4) 2nd half of class take 3rd week of qualitative data and quantitative data on ecocolumns

Homework: Read Ch 17 for reading quiz on Wednesday; 8 question reading quiz before school-wide writing assignment

Feb 27



1) ch 17 reading quiz
2) School Wide Essay!!!!!!!!

Homework: Prepare for ch 16 & 17 vocab quiz (17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 9, 8, 7, 6)

Feb 28 & Mar 1
Thurs or Fri

1) questions about vocabulary on 16 & 17
2) vocabulary quiz
3) energy problems & tables of types
4) finish water treatment stories on gambassa & week 3 waterquality web docs

Homework: finish water treatment stories and submit projects by Sunday midnight PST; Ch 16 Take Home Test (unlimited times to take test) ; finish all energy problem sets (chart due end of next week)

Mar 4

1) Energy Efficiency Problems
2) Assign Home Energy Audit Spreadsheet

Mar 5 or 6

Tues or Wed


1) Assign Energy Types Project: a) labeled detailed diagrams you draw, b) descriptions of how they work, and (include standard nuclear, an H fuel cell, a photovoltaic cell, wind electrical generator, geothermal, & hydroelectric).
2) Work on projects using class and computer resources

Homework: Ch 17 take home

Mar 14 or 15

1) Unit 5 Exam (50 MC & 2 FRQ / DBQ questions)
2) Energy Types Projects Due


Homework: Read Ch 18 in entirety for reading quiz Mon & Tues; spreadsheet also due Mon or Tues

Saturday Mar 16
Hike up Eagle Road Meet at the top of Crown Ranch Road (see map) (see where to park)at 8AM to organize and hike 5.5 miles up Santa Ana Mtns (1% sem ec for touching "Magic Tree").
Mon or Tues
  1) Ch 18 (entirety) reading quiz
Wed or Thurs

1) Nicotine Toxicity Lab
2) Snake LD 50 worksheet

Homework: Study for ch 18 back through ch 5 (practice on Quia.com)


1) Ch 18, 17, 16, 15, 14,13, 9,8,7,6,5 vocab test

Homework over Break : -Take ch 18-19, ch 21, ch 22 take home test on Quia.com (all tests will be linked soon) due by Sunday April 7 at midnight.

For the next FRQ's please go the the College Board site

-1) Print out math based (mb) FRQ's from 2011 answ, 2010 answ, 2009 answ, 2008 answ
2) Work out the solutions on separate sheet of paper (using picket fence when appropriate)
3) Print out solutions
4) staple them together to turn in.

Any math based frq's from earlier years will be extra credit (1pt sem grade per 2 yrs of mb frq's). THIS WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE NOT ONLY IN YOUR SEM GRADE BUT ALSO ON THE NATNL EXAM. Work hard now, be confident later. Look at the example responses to the other FRQ's to see what "great" is.

We will take a practice MC AP Test when you return. 10% of sem grade (1 of 2 or your practice exams)