For all AP Env Students going on the hike Monday (4/10/06):

1) meet at the prairie circle at the top of Gilbert at 9:00 am (they are paving our personal drive starting at 7:00, so we cannot come to my house for waffles. Sorry!)

2) There is a small chance of a shower or rain at 11:00 am. A waterproof shell / pancho would be a good call. It will be cool tomorrow at the top. So I suggest layers (undershirt shortsleeve, longsleeve outer, and sweatshirt or windbreaker shell)

3) WEAR ONLY supportive and well broken in shoes. Ones that are loose on the heel will cause blisters. A liner sock and outer sock are suggested to reduce blisters. The hike is 6 miles up and yes 6 miles down. Any shoe problems will destroy the day for you and the rest of the crew that has to walk you back to the cars. The worst thing to do is wear new shoes or hiking boots...OUCH! Running shoes with plenty of room in the toes will be a good call if you can lace them so the heel doesn't slip when stepping.

4) 2 water bottles are recommended to keep you hydrated.

5) Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen are a must. I'll bring the bug repellant if it is needed. So far it has been too cool for the gnats & horseflies.

6) Bring a lunch and snacks. Granola bars, power bars, a peanut butter will crave calories by the time we eat at the "magic tree".

7) I look forward to seeing you at 9:00 am at the base of the forest service road on Prairie Circle (See map)

8) This will destroy the majority of the day. We'll probably get back after 2:00 pm. Again, water, sunscreen, calories, and comfortable shoes and a terrific attitude will get you there.