A.P. E.S.
Global Change


Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

April 11 (Wed) 7 AM

Hike up Coal Canyon Road from Green River Road near Green River Golf Course

See Pictures of Hike

April 16 (Mon)

1) Ch 21 Take Home Test due
2) Endangered Species Brochure & Oral Report
3) Ch 22 Guiding Questions & Vocab

April 18 (Wed)
Minimum Day
  1) Video: "Threats to Biodiversity"
April 20 (Fri)
Minimum Day

1) Presentations of "Endangered Species" speeches
2) Take Home Test (download if you didn't get it in class)

3) Due to my incompetence the Ch 22 Vocab test will be on Monday

April 23 (Mon)
  1) Ch 22 Vocab TEST
2) Study state released Earth Science STAR exam questions
May 2 (Mon)

1) Most Wanted Invasive Species Poster & Speech

Post your choice on eBoards first come first pick


May 4 (Fri)
  1) AP Practice Test
May 7 (Mon)
  1) Video "state of the ocean's animals"
2) AP Review Calculations
June 4
  1) finish solar house competition
Writeups will be due on Wednesday because we haven't finished the competition.