To get there from the school, you would just travel up (the mountain) Rimpau. It turns into Cleveland Way. Turn left on Gilbert and the turn right into Lowery Ranch Road in the Crown Ranch gated community. You will need to only type 1, 4, 5, 1 into the keypad to get the gate open. Don't tell anyone I told you that (top secret). Turn left on Jameson Drive and go to the top of this road. Park on the west side (pointed uphill) on Jameson Circle. I'll meet you there at 7:00 AM.

The weather is going to be variable with mostly cloudy conditions starting at 50 degrees F and going up to mid 60's by noon. Be prepared for very cool with wind at the top. I suggest you dress in layers (3 or 4). You will be warm once we start hiking. If you are not there by 7:10, I'm assuming you are not going. My cell is 733-8312 if you are a couple of minutes late due to "a flat." Give me a call if you have questions. See a list of suggested items:

List of items to bring:

1) comfortable shoes that fit without ANY "hot spots" (running or cross training shoes are great) THEY CANNOT SLIDE ON YOUR FOOT AS YOU STEP!!!
2) tight inner sock with looser outer sock
3) 1 extra pair of socks
4) backpack appropriate for your stuff
5) 2 water bottles just for you
6) Food to snack, to eat, to snack, to snack and etc. (you are going to burn every calorie)
7) ziplock bag with toilet paper (girls)
8) small binoculars
9) hat and shades
10) cameras and a smile (let's make some memories!)
11) video if you prefer
12) bring your BRAIN & COMMON SENSE
13) Bring your "I can do this" foot in front of the other for extended periods of time can get you to some fairly awesome places! You are going to be so proud of yourself when we finish!
14) Small first aid kit (if you have a small one). Help doctor the students with poor shoes and those who fall and get scrapes. A sm tube of vaseline can really help with blister reduction.

What to leave at your vehicle:

1) iPods & earphones (hard to connect with nature without hearing it)
2) all firearms and explosives
3) illegal drugs
4) friends (class members only), but they are welcome to sleep in your car for 4 hours
5) forest igniting devices
6) antler hats and buckskin clothing (attract cougars)