A.P. E.S.
Land & Water Use

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Jan 9 (Mon)


1) Introduce Population Control Essay (rubric)
2) Family Planning & World Religions
Homework: Study for Reading quiz ch 13- 1st half (up to "Green Revolution" on p.283) BRING BOOK TO CLASS WEDNESDAY!

Jan 11 (Wed)

1) Ch 13 1st half reading quiz
2) Introduce 2nd Semester
3) Ch 13 Vocab & Concepts
3) feedlot math
4) work on presentation

Homework: Read remainder of Ch 13; prep for reading quiz; due Fri (feedlot math):

Jan 13 (Fri)

1) Reading quiz Ch 13 2nd half (1st 30 min)
2) Prep for presentations (30 min) (CHECK FEEDLOT MATH)
3) Presentation of 1-10

Homework: Population Control Essay (rubric) (DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE DOUBLE SPACE) due Monday; due 1 wk from mon (ch10 take home test in pdf or doc)

Jan 17

1) Presentations of 7-10 by student groups
2) Video of world farming comparisons (Africa, China, US)

Jan 18

1) work on presentations
2) take care of vermicompost and gardens

Homework: study on Quia for vocab test (20 words from ch 13, 10 words from ch 9)

Jan 20

1) Ch 13, 9 vocab test
2) Ch 13 presentations 11- 21
3) Soil Conservation Video

Homework: ch 10 take home pdf or doc; due monday

Jan 23

1) eval ch 10 take home
2) finish 18-21 ch 13

Homework: ch 13 take home: pdf or doc (1 pt ec if you can get it on 1 pg front and back) due Wednesday


1) Ch 14 concepts & vocab
2) Watch video (Food Inc)..I think & take notes for writing assignment

Homework: Study for reading quiz (read ch14 up to "Colorado River Case Study" on p 318)

Jan 27

1) Take reading quiz to p318 of ch14
2) Food Inc

Homework: food inc 5 paragraphs (rubric); read ch 14 last half for quiz

Jan 30

1) Eval Food Inc writings
2) Follow up discussion

Homework: score B or higher on ch 14 2nd half quiz (ec); study for ch 14 vocab quiz; bring water use inventory; bring water bill if available

Feb 1

1) ch 14 reading quiz (ec)
2) ch 14 vocab (cumulative to 13, 9, & 8)
3) water use inventory

Homework: ch 14 study guide questions cut out and answered in SNB

Feb 3

1) "Dam Video" from Brazil (+'s & -'s of dams)
2) Water Notes (Aquifers, CA issues)
3) Video on Aral Sea disaster & how that relates to Palm Springs?

Homework: Ch 14 take home test (pdf; doc) due Monday

Feb 6

1) take up ch 14 test
2) determining earthquake epicenters by triangulation

Homework: Ch 15 reading 1st half (quiz on Wed.)

Feb 8

1) Ch 5 reading quiz 1st half
2) grade ch14 test
3) online seismic activity (VIRTUAL COURSEWARE)
4) ch 15 study guide
5) soil data on bucket gardens update webdocument with data taken

Homework: read second half of ch15 for reading quiz; do 1-4 questions on study guide for ch 15

Feb 10



1) ch 15 reading quiz 2
2) types of faults and the "action caused by them" videos

Homework: 1) Finish Ch15 Study Guide Questions; 2) study for ch 15,14,13,9,8,7 vocab quiz on next Wed.(study on quia.com)

Feb 15



1) Ch 15 Vocab Test (10 words from ch 15 and 20 randomly pulled from ch14,13,9,8,7
2) Checked ch 15 study guide (except 4th period)
3) Cookie Mining Simulation
4) Video ("downstream") about mining Alberta Canda's tar sands

Homework: 1) ch 15 take home test (pdf; doc); 2) 10 things I learned about mining from cookies; 3) paragraph explaining your connections to the mining of tar sands


1) Eval ch 15 take home
2) review for unit 4 exam
3) 15 relationship statements from ch 13,14,15
4) update buckets & bins web docs

Homework: a) Meet at base/gate of Skyline at 9:00 on Monday 20th morning & get full Gambassa credit for water quality testing; b) study for unit 4 exam; c) make sure you have handed me your permission to go to city water treatment Wednesday (nobody stays & we meet at beginning of the period out front at the bus)

Feb 22



1) meet at bus at beginning of period to take roll; nobody stays or they take a 0 for the assignment (this is not an elective fieldtrip); please bring a camera &/or video and a pencil to record "the waste reclamation story"...I'll supply a piece of paper with the main points...you'll fill in the details (your small group will do a webpage summarizing the process with illustrating images

Homework: Unit 4 exam study guide; Review session in Room C107 Thursday 7-9PM; Unit 4 exam on Friday

Feb 24



Unit 4 Exam

Homework: Read 1st half of Ch 16 for reading quiz on Monday; bring text and all materials (notes, pics, & video from wastewater treatment)


1) Ch 16 1st half reading quiz
2) Ch 16 study guide
3) In groups of 3: Describe "the scoop on what happens to your poop" a) preliminary treatment [trast removal]; b) primary water treatment [removal of solid organics]; c) secondary water treatment [lowering BOD]; d) tertiary treatment [filtering through sand]; e) quaternary treatment [destroying coliform bacteria with chlorine]. Please use images take the day of the fieldtrip by your group. You may also use video from my share files.

Homework: Read last half of ch 16 for reading quiz Friday