A.P. E.S.
Land & Water Use

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Jan 7 (Mon)


1) Introduce Ch 13 Vocab & Concepts
2) Playing God With Africa (Homo sapien megafauna management strategies)

Homework: Study for Reading quiz ch 13- 1st half (up to "Green Revolution" on p.283 Audio Version) BRING BOOK TO CLASS Tues & Wed!

Jan 8 & 9

(Tues or Wed)


1) Ch 13 1st half reading quiz
2) Introduce 2nd Semester
3) Ch 13 Vocab & Concepts
3) feedlot math
4) work on presentations

Homework: Read remainder of Ch 13; prep for reading quiz

Jan 10 & 11

1) Ch 13 2nd half reading quiz
2) Ch 13 concepts preparation
3) Ch 13 concepts presentations (last 45 minutes)

Homework: Write a paper on wildlife management African style (see rubric)

Jan 14


1) Evaluation of wildlife management paper
2) Presentations by students

Jan 15



1) Presentation by students

Homework: Study for Thurs or Fri Vocab test ch 13 & 9

Jan 16



1) Presentation by students

Homework: Study for Thurs or Fri Vocab test ch 13 & 9; will randomly choose 5 words to have you write a coherent paragraph about

Jan 17 or 18

1) Ch 13 & 9 vocabulary test
2) Feedlot math calculations
3) "Land of Plenty, Land of Want" video on farming around the world

Homework: Ch 13 Take Home Test (due by Mon. midnight & you get ulimited attempts); Feedlot math; & bring water plants for ecocolumns (if you have your water chamber set up)

Jan 22 or 23

Tues or Wed


1) Setting up ecocolumns with crop sections, compost sections, & water compartment
2) Going over "feedlot math"

Homework: Study for CH 14 reading quiz

Jan 24 or 25

Thurs or Fri


1) guest speaker for "PowerSave" gambassa opportunity
2) ch 14 reading quiz
3) finish setting up ecocolumns with both plants and animals

Homework: Ch 14 study guide questions; finish Ch 13 study guide questions not done by presenters (both due on Monday)

Jan 28 or 29

Mon or Tues


1) how to do Water Quality testing with Vernier equipment
2) how to do the data analysis for water quality
3) ecocolumn work

Homework: Ch 14 Take Home Test due Tues night midnight for 4th; due Wed night midnight for 3rd


Jan 30 or 31

Wed or Thurs


1) Water issues of S Cal lecture
2) Water in Corona & types of sewage treatment
3) Personal Water Use Inventory

Homework: study for Ch 14, 13, 8, 9 vocab test (practice on Quia.com); bring copy of home water bill (minus distinguishing information of account) to figure your personal water cost after vocab test

Feb 1

1) Ch 14, 13, 9, 8 vocab test
2) Figure water cost from bill and survey
3) tuck your ecolumns in for the weekend

Homework: Read Ch 15 (full chapter) for reading quiz on Monday

Feb 4

1) Ch 15 reading quiz (full chapter)
2) Ch 15 Study Guide

Homework: Ch 15 study guide questions

Feb 5 or 6

1) What powers plate techtonics?
2) P-waves & S-waves
3) Earthquake triangulation by hand problems
4) Earthquake Triangulation Simulation Problems
5) Qualitative Data

Homework: study for ch 15 vocab test

Feb 7 or 8
Thurs or Fri


1) Ch 15 Vocab Tst
2) Finish Earthquake Triangulation Simulation Problems
3) 2nd week of quantitative observations on ecocolumns (should have second 2 web document data sheet done)

Homework: Ch 15 Take Home Test Due Mon 11 by midnight

Feb 12 or 13

1) Unit 4 exam study guide passed out
2) Relationship statement made for ch 13 - 15
3) Eval Ch 15 Vocab Test

Homework: study for Unit 4 Exam (study sessions from 7-9 pm on both Wednesday & Thursday nights)

Feb 14 or 15

Unit 4 Exam (1 hr mc 85 questions; 1 hr frq's)

Homework: read first half of ch 16 to & including p365 for reading quiz; will give quiz on smart phones logged into Quia on way home from waste treatment plant so be sure to have quia login with you; be sure to go to the bus out in front of the office instead of going to APES; turn in permission slips if you haven't yet before going to 1st period Tuesday

Feb 19 or 20

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Homework: read all of ch 16

Feb 21 or 22
  1) Ch 16 read quiz
2) Project work for sewage treatment and reclamation of potable drinking water.