CHAPTERS 5, 6, & 7

Discuss the three zones that describe the progression a river takes from its beginnings in the mountains to its ending in an estuary as it flows into an ocean. Please include discussion of dissolved oxygen levels, amounts of suspended particles, light penetration, temperature, velocity, and corresponding adaptations of both plants and animals (give examples) to these environments.


Compare and contrast generalist and specialist species. Give at least two examples of each (do not include man). Compare their chances of surviving environmental change. Compare the role of coevolution in both's development. Which one are Homo sapiens? Explain.


Discuss the conditions in the ocean that affect Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels. Please be thorough with your explanations.


Choose three different terrestrial biomes that are very different from each other. Compare the abiotic conditions that have determined the biotic representatives that are present. Discuss specific examples of both plant and animal species that are present in each one and the unique adaptations they have that allow them to survive the unique abiotic conditions present.