A.P. E.S. 2011-12
Living World Schedule

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Sept 18 (Mon)
2,4,6 day

1) Reading quiz Ch 4
2) Discussion of current theory of natural selection and what increases variation in populations
3) Time to work study guide

Homework: Look over study guide and see which ones you need to ask questions on

Sept 21
1-6 min day
  1) ask questions about study guide = "smart students know what they need help with!"
2) Ch 4 concepts (due Monday)

Sept 23 (Fri)

2,4,6 day


Unit 1 Exam
1) 55 min MC exam timed
2) 55 min FRQ's timed

Homework: Ch 4 reading and print out ch 4 concepts

Sept 26 (Mon)


1) Go over Ch 1 FRQ
2) Timeline information from "A Global Warning"

Homework: Study for vocab quiz on Friday and read ch 4 for reading quiz


Sept 28

2, 4, 6


1) Ch 4 end of chapter quiz
2) Earth History events discussion
3) Geological timeline and study guide work

Homework: Ch 4 Concepts question 1-11.

Sept 30

1) ch 4 vocab quiz
2) ch 4 study guide due
3) work on gambassa.com

Homework: ch 4 take home test (doc; pdf); SNB's need to be ready for checking on Monday; ch 5 concepts (see vocab list for Friday test)

Oct 3

1) grade ch4 take home
2) check SNB's

Homework: Read 1st 8 pages of Ch5 be ready for reading quiz (especially 6th period!) Quote: "You will never ever leave this class without homework, so check the Internet schedule."


Oct 5


1) ch 5 reading quiz
2) what powers global climate
3) timeline work (owner of Gambassa, Gary Glass, scheduled to be with us)

Homework: study for ch 5 vocab quiz (cumulative to 1); practice at quia.com (for you, Lauren N)


Oct 7


1) ch 5 vocab test
2) climate drivers discussion continued (storms turn?)
3) work on geologic time analogy; and/or biome group presentation

Homework: finish geo time analogy--Due before class on Monday


Oct 10

  1) Life History Timeline due on Gambassa
2) Work on biome presentations


Oct 12


1) Biome work 45 min
2) Biome presentations (like a boss)

Homework: ch 5 take home (doc; pdf)


Oct 14


1) check take home
2) finish presentations
3) work on Ch 5 study guide questions

Homework: Read 1st half of chapter 6, finish study guide question for ch 5


Oct 17


1) reading quiz ch 6 (1st half)
2) Life zone notes

Homework: Read 2nd half of chapter 6 (freshwater); print out ch 6 study guide; bring text to class!


Oct 19


1) reading quiz ch 6 #2
2) notes on marine life zones and abiotic conditions
3) topographic map activity (in preparation for watershed analysis on Friday)

Homework: study for Ch 6 vocabulary test (practice test @quia); bring text and calculator on Friday


Oct 21


1) questions on vocabulary?
2) ch 6 vocab test
3) online topographic watershed analysis; Skyline, Bedford Canyon; & Eagle Watersheds
4) freshwater life zone notes

Homework: Ch 6 Take Home Test (pdf; doc)


Oct 24


1) eval ch 6 take home test
2) classification of species
3) the ultimate invase species video: Cane Toads!!!!!

Homework: Read 1st half Ch 7 (stop at Species Interactions: Parasitism, Mutualism, & Commensalism on p 153)


Oct 26


1) Reading quiz (1st half)
2) Notable Species Project
3) Set Up Compost Buckets
4) Get Garden Buckets Drilled
5) Show suitable worm bins

Homework: Reading last half of Ch 7; purchase vermicompost bins & seeds for buckets


Oct 28


1) Reading quiz 2 ch 7
2) Discussion of Island Biogeography Theory; Species Relationships
3) Setup of buckets and bins

Homework: Ch 7 Vocab Quiz on Monday (study at Quia.com)


1) Ch 7 Vocab Test (cum to 1)

Homework: Ch Take Test pdf (doc)


1) Eval take home test
2) Discuss resource partitioning
3) Unit 2 Exam Review
4) Work on project

Homework: Complete your SNB (ch 4, ch 5, ch 6, & ch 7 study guides & notes)


1) SNB Check
2) Notable Species Rubric

Homework: Notable Species Gambassa Project Due Mon

  1) Showcase Notable Species
2) Unit exam review

1) Unit 2 Exam (1 hr mc; 1hr for 4 frq's)

Homework: Read all of Ch 8 and prepare for quiz on Monday (Great job on Test today...we had a 95% pass rate...AMAZING!) best class ever

  1) ch 8 reading quiz
2) School Wide Essay Writing