A.P. E.S. 2012-13
Living World Schedule

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Sept 21 (Fri)
1-6 day

1) Reading quiz Ch 4 1st half
2) Geological Time & radiometric dating
3) Ch 4 Study Guide

Homework: Ch 4 reading & study guide questions

Sept 24 (Mon)
1-6 PLC day

1) Ch 4 reading quiz
2) Ch 4 concepts (due Tuesday or Wednesday)
3) Radiometric dating and geologic time

Homework: Ch 4 concepts due next class period, submitted in SNB's (sci notebooks)

Sept 25 or 26
(Tues or Wed)


1) Ch 4 concepts
2) Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
3) Timeline information from "A Global Warning"

Homework: Study for vocab quiz

Thurs or Fri

Sept 27 or 28


1) Ch 4 Vocab Test
2) Earth History events discussion
3) Geological timeline work

Homework: Ch 4 Take Home Test (All that think they don't need to be diligent and take these should check their Zangle grade...ouch! Grades are updated.)

Mon or Tues
Oct 1 or 2

1) Ch 5 study guide
2) Discussion of climate drivers (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3)

Homework: Read Ch 4 up to the "Desert Biome" --1st 8 pages of chapter 4.

Oct 3

1) Ch 5 reading quiz up to "Desert Biome"

Homework: Finish Ch 5 Study Guide in your SNB (all questions); work on Geologic timeline

Thurs & Fri
Oct 4 & 5

1) Finish climate drivers discussion
2) Work on Timeline and Analogy Math

Homework: Finish timeline

Oct 8

1-6 PLC


1) Solve all "timeline issues" with gambassa.com
2) Assign Biome Presentations to groups of 4ish

Homework: Gather materials for biome presentations

Tues or Wed
Oct 9 or 10


1) Reiterate details of biome presentations
2) Play coniferous forest rap
3) Time to create group presentations! Be fearless!

Homework: Study for Ch5 Vocab Quiz (practice on Quia.com) (10 from Ch 5, 10 from, & 5 to write about)

Thurs or Fri
Oct 11 or 12

1) CH 5 vocab test cumulative to CH 1.
2) Biome Presentation "get it together time"
3) Biome Presentations

Homework: Ch 5 Take Home Test due by class Monday

Oc 15
1-6 PLC

1) MUSE "unsustainable"
2) Presentation of Biome Projects
3) Ch 6 Concepts

Homework: read ch 6 1st half

Tues or Wed
Oct 16 or 17

1) Reading quiz first half of Ch 6
2) Setting up 3 group lab projects for the year
3) Grade Ch 5 Vocab Test

Homework: read 2nd half of ch6 (ch6 study guide NOT due)

Thurs or Fri
Oct 18 or 19

1) Reading quiz 2nd half of ch 6 [I errantly told period 4 to have study guide finished. Just the reading quiz for Thurs & Fri]
2) Finish marine ecosystems

Homework: Ch 6 study guide

Oct 22

1) Freshwater ecosystems of lakes and rivers

Homework: Practice for Vocab Test over Ch 6 on Quia

Oct 23 or 24
Tues or Wed
Watershed analysis

1) Ch 6 vocab test
2) online topographic watershed analysis; Skyline, Bedford Canyon; & Eagle Watersheds
3) setting up ecocolumns with groups

Homework: Ch 6 Take Home Test (you get 4 tries with feedback)

Oct 25 or 26
Thurs or Fri

1) Ch 7 study guide
2) Differentiate among native species, nonnative (invasive) species, indicator species, keystone species, & foundation species.
3) Begin gambassa.com project on Notable Species: Most Invasive, Most Endangered, Favorite Keystone, Coolest Predator Adaptation, and Coolest Prey Adaptation

Homework: Read 1st half Ch 7 for reading quiz Monday; Question isn ch 7 study guide due Tues or Wednesday; Vocab Test Ch 7 on Thurs or Fri of next week cumulative to Ch 1; make progress on "Notable Species Project"

Oct 29

1) Ch 7 reading quiz (1st half)

Homework: study for reading quiz 2 ch7; finish questions of study guide ch 7; make progress on "Notable Species Project" (audio files will be up soon by 7:30pm)

Oct 30 or 31

Tues or Wed


1) Ch 7 reading quiz (2nd half)
2) Ch 7 Study Guide questions due in SNB
3) Work on Ecocolumns (have all needed bottles & water plants purchased)
4) Notable Species work

Homework: Study for ch 7 vocab test (On Quia); make progress on "Notable Species Project"

Nov 1 or 2

Thurs or Fri

1) Ch 7 vocab quiz cumulative to Ch 1

Homework: Ch 7 Take Home Test; Notable Species Project due Monday