A.P. E.S.
Environmental Quality & Pollution

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Mar 10 (Mon)
Personal risk calculation is extremely complex

1) Ch 17 take home test due
2) Lecture on Risk
3) Snake venom toxicity calculations
4) Video: "Evolution: Arms Race" on evolution of super bacteria
5) Ch 18 Study Guide (doc, rtf)

Mar 12 (Wed)
Min Day

1) Reading Quiz
2) Discussion of Toxicology and Risk Analysis

Mar 13 (Thurs)

1) Reading Quiz
2) Ch 18 Vocab quiz cumulative to 13
3) Nicotine Toxicity on Bloodworms Lab

Homework: Ch 18 Take Home Test

Mar 17 (Mon)
  1) Hand in Ch 18 Take Home Test
2) Lab on FAV & air pollution
Mar 18 (Tues)

1) Hand in lab on Nicotine Toxicity in Bloodworms Lab data and questions.
2) Finish FAV lab and collect class data.
3) Particulate matter lab
4) Air pollution basics (and more)
5) Ch 19 Vocabulary & Concepts (doc, rtf, html)

Unit 5 exam study guide (doc, rtf, html)

Mar 20 (Thurs)
  1) Vocabulary Quiz
2) Particulate matter labs
3) Discussion of ch 19 concepts
Mar 24 (Mon)

1) Concepts in Air Pollution

Homework: study for UNIT 5 exam

Mar 25 (Tues)
  1) Unit 5 exam (full period: 1st half mc; 2nd half FRQ)
Mar 27

1) Concepts in Air Pollution
2) Inversion activity
3) Modeling tropospheric ozone production

Homework Ch 19 take home test

Mar 31

1) Global Warming Video (Bill Nye)
2) World Climate & Global Warming Discussion

Homework: Read Ch 20 pp 464-473 (Quiz on Tues)

April 1
  1) Unit 6 Exam 150 MC's with 3 FRQ's (April Fools!)--just a reading quiz over Ch 20 pp 464-473.
2) Ch 20 Study Guide (doc, rtf, html) with Vocab & Concepts to Know

1) ch 20 vocab quiz cumulative to ch 13 (NO READING QUIZ we've already gone over it in class)
2) DVD: "The Day After Tomorrow"

Homework: a) Please write two paragraphs: 1st one explaining 3 ways the DVD was "good science" & 2nd one explaining 3 ways the DVD was "bad science". Please support your 6 ideas with materials learned from this class.
b)Take Home Test Ch 20

April 15



1) Take Home Test Due
2) Hotzones video
3) Ch 21 Study Guide (doc, rtf, html)

Homework: read ch 21 up to p 509 "preventing and reducing water pollution", reading quiz on Wed

April 16



1) reading quiz (with something not given in student lectures)

Read ch 21 to end of chapter & prep for vocab quiz

April 17



1) vocab quiz with reading quiz (something not in student lectures)
2) salinization & seed germination lab

Homework: Ch 21 Take Home Test (due Monday)

April 21


  1) Take home test due
2) Review for STAR & AP Exam (STAR release questions for Earth Sci with key )

April 22


  1) Review for STAR & AP Exam

May 6



1) Finish Presentations
2) Review for AP Exam


May 7



1) Review for AP Exam


May 8



1) Take 2007 AP MC Exam + 1practice FRQ (Make it your goal to improve 1 AP point on Friday's exam from last week)

Homework: Study for AP Exam. Work FRQ's (Tuesday May 13 is exam day in morning)

May 19



1) Solar House Competition (200 pts)
2) What Can You Do? Project (200 pts)

Homework: Please post your proposal for what you want to do for your "Reduce the Harm" project on this Class EBoard

Bring building materials for you solar house. We will work on them Tuesday.

    Memorial Day Hike is ON!
We'll meet at the top of Jameson Circle (see map) and hike up Eagle 7:00 am Monday. Directions, what to bring, and how to dress.