A.P. E.S.
Environmental Quality & Pollution

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Mar 25 (Wed)

1) Ch 18 Study Guide (doc, rtf)
2) Nicotine Toxicity on Bloodworms Lab

Homework: study for vocab quiz; read ch 18; study guide questions (due Wednesday next week)

Mar 27 (Fri)

1) Ch 18 Vocab Quiz
2) Finish Nicotine Toxicity Lab observations & questions
3) Discussion of Toxicology and Risk Analysis
4) Snake venom toxicity calculations

Homework: Ch 18 take home test; Please don't forget your permission slips for Wednesday's field trip!

Mar 29 (Mon)

1) Ch 18 take home due & evaluated
2) Snake venom toxicity calculations

Homework: Ch 18 study guide questions due; Nicotine Lab questions due; Snake venom calculations (will probably get done in class)

FIELD TRIP INFORMATION: Please ask to be excused from your 2nd period class at 8:55 (bus leaves at 9:00 out front), NO open shoes/sandles (city ordinance) in treatment facilities, & bring your own lunch and drinks

April 1 (Wed)

Field Trip to Corona Water Treatment Facilities and Presentations (Those not going today go on April 15) 1) Turn in Ch 18 study guide; Nicotine Lab questions; & Snake Venom Calculations
2) Bring books for this time because you will need them
3) Ch 19 Study Guide (doc, rtf)
April 3 (Fri)

1) graphic discussion of atmosphere
2) "Everything's Cool" movie

Homework due Mon after spring break: ch 19 concepts, ch 20 take home test (doc, rtf), if you are going on the field trip on wednesday 15th, please get all paperwork in on monday

April 13 (Mon)


  1) Ch 20 take home due and peer evaluated.
2) ch 19 concepts due
3) spring project assignment (to be thinking about)
April 15 (Wed)

1) Bring your book if you are in class today.
2) An Inconvenient Truth movie shown for ch 19 climate change

Homework: study for ch 19 & 20 vocab test on Fri

April 17 (Fri)

1) ch 19 & 20 vocab test cumulative to 13
2) The ozone cycle (p19 of "clearn air challenge" booklet)
3) Particulate Matter (pp 6 & 7 of "Clean Air Challenge")
4) Primary & Secondary Air pollutants chart

Homework: 1) Ch 19 take home test (doc, rtf, html) 2) prepare for FRQ on Ozone Cycle with & without VOx (see page 19 of "Clean Air Challenge" Book

April 20 (Mon)

1) Eval ch 19 take home test
2) Water Pollution concepts discussed
3) Ch 21 vocab & concepts (doc, rtf, html)

Homework: Ch 21 concepts not done in class Monday; know about Ozone cycle with & without VOx (know VOx, N2, O2, NO, NO2, and O3.

April 22 (Wed)

1) hand in Ch 21 concepts
2) Ozone cycle FRQ
3) Pollutant concentration lab

Homework: Study for ch 21 vocab cumulative to 13

April 24

1) Ch 21 Vocab Quiz
2) Finish pollution concentration lab
3) Video "Everyone Lives Downstream"
4) Review for AP ES test / Earth CST

Homework: Ch 21 Take Home Test


1) Discussion of ch 22 (solid waste pollution)
2) Study Guide Ch 22 (doc, rtf, html)
3) Municipal Waste Video

Homework: Study for Ch 22 Vocabulary Test on Friday (11 words from ch 22 and 19 from ch13-21)


1) Ch 22 Vocabulary cumulative to Ch 13 (Wow! Last One!!!!)
2) Ch 22 discussion
3) Poster Presentations of Ch 22

Homework: ch 22 take home

May 4


  1) take home ch 22 due
2) "The Wolf that Changed America" (watch and write your reaction to the movie and explain why it pertains to this class)
3) Report to class on one of the Environmental Champions or Creeps (Due Fri or Mon depending on if you have an AP Test on those days)

May 6



1) Practice AP Exam during class
2) Work on Champions & Creeps reports



See Mr Ward's Video Example