A.P. E.S.
Environmental Quality & Pollution

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Apr 12 (Mon)

1) Ch 18 Study Guide (doc, rtf)
3) Snake venom toxicity calculations

Homework: Ch 18 Take Home Test (doc, rtf, html) due Wed

Apr 14 (Wed)

2) Nicotine Toxicity on Bloodworms Lab
3) Discussion of Toxicology and Risk Analysis

Homework: questions for Toxicity Lab; Atmosphere Review

Apr 16 (Fri)

1) Atmosphere quiz (+ several Earthy questions)
2) Toxicity lab questions due
3) Water review loop

Homework: Toxicity lab; Lung Volume Lab (to question # 11); & study for Water quiz; ch 19 take home due Wed (doc, rtf, html)(remember you have STAR on Wednesday so plan ahead)

Apr 19 (Mon)

1) lung lab, toxicity lab, & water quiz cumulative to atmosphere & earth reviews
2) ecosystems review
3) air pollution diagrams

Homework: ch 19 take home test (doc, rtf, html) as posted last Friday; ecosystems quiz

Apr 21 (Wed)

1) ecosystems quiz
2) evaluate ch19 take home
3) biogeochemical cycles review

Homework: be ready for cumulative quiz & study for AP ES national test from review books purchased

Apr 23 (Fri)

1) Geochemical cycles quiz
2) Everything's Cool Video

Homework: Everything's Cool Video Questions (3 paragraphs); underclassmen star release questions (call a friend if you don't know what to do with them)

Apr 26 (Mon)

1) Everything's Cool Questions due
2) Review for STAR exam EARTH SCIENCE
3) Agriculture Review Loop

Homework: Study for AP Test; Cumulative Loop Quiz 20 questions/40pts (pay attention to the information in the answers)

Apri 28 (Wed)

1) Cumulative Loop Quiz 20 questions
2) Sewage treatment

homework: ch 21 take home test (doc, rtf, html) password and username are the same as for the book chapters (email if you don't know the f-word most used by Pitts)

April 30 (Fri)

1) Eval ch 21 take home
2) Take 2007 AP ES Practice Test

Homework: study for AP ES exam for Tues May 11; no Monday quiz

May 3 (Mon)
  1) Go over results of 2007 practice exam
2) Review activity
May 10 (Mon)
  1) APES Math Review Guide with answers (5th Grade Math)
May 11 (Tues)
THE DAY!!!!!!!
7:00-7:40 bagles and juice in C107
7:45 E203 National AP ES Exam (Good study creates good luck!)