A.P. E.S.
Environmental Quality & Pollution

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Mar 21 (Wed)

1) Bloodworm LD50 Toxicity of Nicotine Lab
2) Ch 18 Study Guide (doc, rtf)
3) Snake venom toxicity calculations

Homework: Study for ch 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 vocab test (practice)

Mar 23 (Fri)

1) ch 18 cumulative to 13 vocab test
2) Finish Nicotine Toxicity on Bloodworms Lab
3) Discussion of Toxicology and Risk Analysis
4) Finish your home energy audits on gambassa

Spring Break!
Spring Break! Woo Hoo!

Online Reading/Take Home Quizzes for ch19, ch20, ch21 on Quia (Log in with your firstnamelastname and your password given to you on Friday. Need your password, then email me. Please email me if it is not working for you! Don't come back and say, "It wasn't working for me!" Hard work over spring break will allow us to move ahead and review when we return. We will take 2 practice exams before the "real test" on the first Monday in May of AP exams. We're about there and ahead of last year!

notes: 1) you can take each test 3 times; 2) each question comes up and tells you if you answered it correctly; 3) you can quit the test, save it, and come back to it; 4) I chose to have questions come up 1 at a time but you can skip around.

Students who missed Friday of course need to make up the vocab quiz for 18,17,16,15,14,&13. You also need to see this video and write this paper.

April 9



1) Ch 19,20,21 take home tests due online at Quia.com
2) "How UCI scientist saved the ozone layer"

Homework: Print out Ch 19 study guide; finish questions 1-5 in science notebook; review for AP Exam


1) Evaluate questions 1-5 from Ch 19 study guide
2) Air Pollution activities
3) Review Biogeochemical Cycles with loopwriter

homework: finish the Particulate Matter worksheet and do the rest of ch19 study guide

April 13
FRIDAY 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Photochemical smog discussion and video
2) Lab measuring personal ozone damage to your lungs (students absent need to schedule makeup)

Homework: Study for vocab test (15 questions from 20 & 19; 15 questions from 18,17,16,15,14, 13,9,8,7,6,5,4,& 3)
Practice on Quia

April 20

1) Take practice mc exam 1 (50 pts given for all taking it; students absent need to schedule exam 1 Mon or Tues of next week)
---Congrats to people taking APES national exam (69% pass rate on practice exam 1 and 2 weeks to study--best ever. Last yr's 52% pass rate is going to fall)---

Homework: Read CH 22 & Take CH 22 MC Reading Quiz (on quia.com & use your login given for spring break)

April 23
2 wks to nationals

1) Go over practice Test 1 Results

Homework: Print out 2010 & 2009 FRQ's; work 2010 & 2009 math based problems (just math). See solutions


1) submit 2010 & 9 FRQ (30pts)
2) worst air pollution in nation article
3) review air pollution & atmosphere

Homework: Print out 2008 & 2007 FRQ's; work 2008 & 2007 math based problems (just math). See solutions

April 20



1) Water pollution concepts

Homework: Print out 2006 & 2005 FRQ's; work 2006 & 2005 math based problems (just math). See solutions

May 2



1) Check 2005 & 6 math
2) Water & Solid Waste Pollution Concepts
3) Relationship statements

Homework: Study for Quia Test: Relationship statements
Vocab 22-13; 9-1


1) 50 question Vocab test (22-13; 9-1 cumulative). High score replaces lame previous scores
2) Relationship Statements 18-22 mc test
3) Review Time!!!!!

review after school on friday for the "auditory learners"

May 7
Please get a study guide if you are planning on taking this exam.

AP ES National Exam

AP Exam is in F203 at 8:00AM

Bagels & Juice will be served in C107 at 7:00 AM to 7:50 AM; need extra toasters to supplement my one

Good solid study creates good luck / results.