2010-11 A.P. E.S.
Populations Schedule

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Nov 29 (Mon)



1) Ch 8 Vocab & Concepts
2) Deer oh Deer

Homework: Please read all of Ch 8 & be ready for reading quiz on Wed

Dec 1 (Wed)



1) Reading quiz Ch 8
2) Ch 8 concepts discussed
3) Lab on Survivorship Curves in Humans

Homework: Study for Ch 8 vocab quiz cumulative to 1

Dec 3 (Fri)




1) Vocabulary Quiz Ch 8
2) Finish Ch 8 concepts

Ch 9 concepts

Homework: Ch 8 Take Home Test ; print out 100 birth death records from interment.net (note next Wed's reading quiz) because the substitute on monday will not mention it

Mon Dec 6

1) Take home test due (hand to sub on the way into class)
2) Bring your human survivorship lab data and graph sheet; you need to print 100 death records from Interment.net to contribute to your group. If you don't bring records, you get to do 4X more work.

Homework: study for Ch 9 reading quiz

Wed Dec 8
  1) Reading quiz Ch 9
Fri Dec 10

1) Vocab Quiz Ch 9
2) Gary will be here to help solve Gambassa issues you are having.

Homework: take home ch 9 test ; study for sem vocab test @ Quia.com (25) or Quia (100)

Saturday 11
Eagle Hike Eagle Hike to Lone Oak
8:00 AM
See map & directions
Monday 13

1) Eval take home test
2) Ask questions on unit3 review guide

January 12



1) share ideas about population control

Homework: population control paper; rubric for eval

January 14



1) Eval of population control essays (rubric)

Homework: read 1st half of ch 13; prep for reading quiz on 1st 15 pages

Jan 17
No School
Eagle Canyon Hike MLK Day hike Eagle Canyon with Team EARTH