2011-12 A.P. E.S.
Populations Schedule

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Nov 14 (Mon)



1) Ch 8 Reading quiz
2) School wide essay writing
3) Ch 8 Vocab & Concepts

Homework: Please print out 100 birth death records from interment.net (try clicking on CA, pick a populous county, click on a cemetery name, if you see a whole lot of dead people's names, print them out); print out ch 8 vocab & concepts

Nov 16 (Wed)



1) Ch 8 concepts discussed
2) Lab on Survivorship Curves in Humans

Homework: Study for Ch 8 (on Quia.com) vocab quiz cumulative to 1

Nov 18 (Fri)




1) Vocabulary Quiz Ch 8
2) Finish Ch 8 concepts
3) Finish survivorship curves lab

Ch 9 concepts (print out)

Homework: Ch 8 Take Home Test (due Mon); note ch 4,5,6,7,8, & 9 study guide questions due 1 week after we return from Thanksgiving break (major homework grade in SNB's).

bring signed both permission slips I gave you in class PLUS all students need to print out and have signed "Waterkeepers Waiver of Liability" and periods 2 & 4 need to print out and have signed Chino Wiaver of Liability Wednesday Dec 2 is the Period 2 & 4 fieldtrip to Chino; Dec 5 is period 6 fieldtrip to Hidden Valley Wildlife Center

  Saturday Hike up Tin Mine Canyon (an amazing day!)
Nov 28

1) ch ch 8 take home test
2) Rachel Hamilton (outside presenter for our fieldtrips from WaterKeepers)

Homework: Don't forget to bring both waivers signed: for Chino & Waterkeepers...they are your bus ticket ;

Bring Book to Class Tomorrow (2nd & 4th not going, and 6th)


1) Fieldtrip for 2 & 4 period
2) See pic of assignments that were on board for those who stayed and 6th

Homework: bring book to class tomorrow, look at the assignments in 2 and prepare to get yourself in order for "the last of the semester"


6th period leave your class at the end of 2nd and load the bus in front of the office on Foothill (chop chop). We're going.

2nd & 4th see pic of assignments

Friday night midnight web document due for sustainability projects (if your group has been graded and you had one, your name is linked to the web document/web page you are creating) 50 pts if completed with 5 or more observations and images; 30 points observations no images; 15 pts if only document is started with no observations. If your group was graded and your name does not have an underline...there was nothing there ):

Dec 5

1) SNB Check (study guides 4 - 9)
2) 10 reasonable population control possibilities in SNB
3) FRQ's passed back from previous Unit Exam 2

HOMEWORK: Read all of ch 9 and be ready for reading quiz 9

Dec 7

1) Ch 9 reading quiz
2) Ch 9 concepts discussion
-age structure diagrams

Homework: study for ch 9 vocab test; bring bubble lab and grave yard lab to finish in class and hand in

Dec 9

1) Ch 9 Vocab Quiz
2) Ch 9 concepts discussion
3) Bring survivorship curve labs to class to finish
4) population growth video(s)
5) unit 3 exam study guide

Homework: Finish Bubble Lab and Human Survivorship Graphs; study for sem vocab test


If you want to go on the Hike Up EAGLE Road then:

1) check to see if you think you can
2) if you think you can, then check these instruction
3) if you are driving then see these parking instructions

8:00 AM sharp. Be early. Late and you're left, please don't try to follow us. Please try to carpool.

Note that the weather tomorrow is going to be colder than normal. The starting temperature will be about 41 degrees F at 8AM and 54 degrees at 11 AM when I project we will be on top. We will gain nearly 3,000 feet. Temperature drops between 4 and 5 degrees F for every gain in elevation of 1,000 feet. Pack 3 or 4 layers of clothes so you can be comfortable at the top for 1 hour of rest at 40 degrees while we eat. Anybody underdressed gets sent home!