2012-13 A.P. E.S.
Populations Schedule

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Nov 13 & 14
(Tues & Wed)


1) Ch 8 Reading quiz 1st half
2) Go over Unit 2 ch 4 & 5 FRQ's
3) Ch 8 Vocab & Concepts

Homework: Read 2nd half of ch 8 for reading quiz.

Nov 15 &16
(Thurs & Fri)



1) Ch 8 Reading quiz 2nd half
2) Lab on Survivorship Curves in "bubble babies" with 3 types of parents
3) Go over Unit 2 ch 6 & 8 FRQ's (That's right, I graded 320 essays in 1 week :-()

Homework:Please print out 100 birth death records from interment.net (try clicking on CA, pick a populous county, click on a cemetery name, if you see a whole lot of dead people's names, print them out); print out ch 8 vocab & concepts; do Ch 8 take home test; read Ch 10 and do Ch 10 take home test (will be linked soon). Ch 9 will be combined with Ch 8 for the next vocab exam. Will finish bubble lab with cemetery lab upon return. ALL ABOVE WORK DUE BEFORE CLASS ON MONDAY OF RETURN

Nov 30



1) ch 9 reading quiz
2) demographic transition model
3) finish video & talk about destruction of uncontrolled population growth
4) ch9 study guide

Homework: Ch 9 Take Home; ch 9 study guide

Dec 3



1) video of world religions' ideas of family planning

Homework: 10 options for limiting human population

Dec 4 & 5

Tues & Wed


1) Finish World Religions and Family Planning video/Discussion
2) class shares options list
3) finish your gambassa credit or die!

Homework: 4 paragraph essay on population control (RUBRIC)

Dec 6 & 7

Thurs & Fri


1) peer evaluation of paper
2) discussion of results of plans

Homework: Study for ch 9 & 8 vocab quiz cumulative to ch1 (study on the actual test site). Score higher than any other vocab score and it will change all your lower grades to this one. DEAL OF THE CENTURY! Worth 2 or more letter grades for some people.

Dec 10 & 11

Mon & Tues

  1) vocabulary test
2) grade vocab test
3) relationship statements for the semester given (print them out if you don't like to write)
Dec 12, 13, 14

Semester Tests (Ch 8 & 9 with all of the semester's relationship statements)

Homework: Ch 11 Take Home Test; Ch 12 Take Home Test (please complete bothe tests by Dec 31st); These go in as this semester's test grades. You can have as many attempts as you need to get 100%...grade raisers!