The purpose of this project is to “get moving” in reaction to what you have learned in AP Environmental Science this year.  We know there is a great deal to do to change our culture from one of over-consumption into one that is environmentally sustainable.  This year's project will first be judged by whether it is publishable material suitable for website.

Possible avenues to travel:

1)  Find community exemplars (people who are getting it done) and tell their stories.  How big of difference are they making?  What would happen if others joined?

2) People who don't know about the environment and are disconnected from it do not act to save something they don't know. A "place based" option is to show people a local natural resource. For instance:

a) Photo document and GPS a Skyline hike and photograph chaparral plants. Do a "get to know our biome" page for

b) What are the local reptiles you can find in Corona? Take a camera and spend some time getting to know local fauna.

c) What are the local birds that come to your bird feeder? What niches do they occupy in the local chaparral ecosystem?

d) Is there a local "really cool" nature site that you could help us get to know? GPS it, map it out on Google Earth, and show us what's there (for example, Santa Rosa Plateau is a great nature reserve that is just West of Murietta. Take a camera too!

3)  Add to ‘s website’s “Reduce the Harm” page.  You could make a page that is the explanation for your unique way of reducing the harm.

4) Design an art project (drawing, painting, graphic, or sculpture) that communicates what you have learned about how to reduce the harm.

5) Review an environmentally inspiring book you have read. Then personalize how this book has inspired you to change the way you live your life and explain why.

If you choose number 3 above then pick from the following list of possibilities (or suggest others) and communicate what can be done:

Diet Changes (less meat, toward vegetarian, eating locally grown produce, gardening your own food)

Reducing Energy Consumption (changing automobiles, biking or walking, going solar photovoltaic or absorption into heating water, on demand water heaters, keeping your tire pressure to standard)

Reducing Solid Waste Output (recycling details, composting details, using reusable shopping bags)

Water Conservation (xeriscape your lawn, high efficiency irrigation, reducing shower time, planting water conserving plants, eating less beef)

Building “Green Housing”

Produce a web page or video that sells concepts of sustainability and inspires our commuity to change their "H.I.P.P.O." ways. Show us what the change would look like.

Please make sure you communicate: a) What is the problem? B) What and how it can be done?  C) What difference will it make?  D) Link to your sources of information (please do not plagiarize)!

Great resources to use to get started:

An example of an award winning video written by a former teacher at Santiago, Drew Ward. New Urbanism @

Rubric used for evaluation of your project:

Focus of Evaluation
Focus is appriate for
(40 pts)
The focus is ? The focus is not quite appropriate The focus is okay but does not make a significant contribution The focus of this project okay for the website theme with some contribution The focus of this project is completely in line with the website theme and makes a significant contribution.

Originality of project
(40 pts)

This project's content is pretty much taken from somewhere else (results in a zero overall is plagiarized) This project is not very unique. This project is a tiny bit unique in that is sort of adds new content to the website This project is somewhat unique in that it adds a bit of a new twist to content already present This project is totally unique and new content for the website
Documented sources
(40 pts)
Not documented Documentation attempted Partially documented Mostly documented All content taken from other sources is documented in a literature cited

Appropriate for general audience without plagiarism
(40 pts)

Produced and only understood by Santiago insiders Some things are really only understood by AP ES students. Some material is produced for the world Most material is produced for the world All material is produced for "the world," not Santiago students and teachers
Details and Care
(40 pts)
It's not there. No care taken whatsoever. It's there but with some "challenges" on the details. It's almost okay It's mostly okay Care is taken to polish the details and is something we are proud of (spelling, visual appeal, mechanics, grammar).
It's Published
(40 pts)
NOT published before your grades are given This project is published on before your grades are given