Criteria Attempted (1) Acceptable (2) Admirable (3) Awesome (4)
Content Question is attempted but the answer is not adequate. Question is answered but depth seems a bit shallow. Question is answered adequately. Question is answered completely with clarity and depth.
Visuals Visuals are not included. Points are written in sentences. Fonts are messy or too small to see. Work is very messy. Visuals are used but minimally. Points are a bit too wordy. Fonts are a bit hard to see. Work is somewhat messy. Visuals are included with needed graphics and acceptable length points written in readable fonts by most in room. Work is not messy. Visuals include all needed graphics and CONCISE points (may be bulleted) that are clear but shortened to a few words. Font choices can be seen by all class members. Very neat work.
Knowledge Knowledge is totally stuck to the visual and examples are not given. Knowledge of material is pretty much what is on the visual. Any examples are simply taken from visual. Knowledge of the material is somewhat beyond the visual. Student gives examples but may be a bit unsure. Knowledge of the material is known beyond what is written on the visual. Student is comfortable with the content. Examples are given of what this is like beyond the visual.
Speaking Speaking is to the visual and stuck to the words on the visual. Pointing for clarity is absent. Speaking is mostly stuck to the words on the visual. The class is at least looked at during the presentation and the visual is pointed to, but not comfortably. Speaking is not completely stuck to words on visual. Student speaks mostly to the class. The visual is pointed to when points are made. Speaking is done while looking at the class. Student is not stuck to the visual for words. The visual is pointed at comfortably when points are made for clarity.
Attitude Student has voice, posture, and facial expression that indicate they would rather be doing most anything but presenting this "stupid and boring" assignment. Student has voice, posture, and facial expression that allow them to make the presentation but not "sell it." Student has voice, posture, and facial expression that do not get in the way of "selling" their presentation. Student has voice, posture, and facial expression that exude the importance of their presentation. They "sell it" in every way.
Group is fairly dysfunctional. Group members seem to have some tensions about who is "doing all the work" Group members get along okay and get throught the presentation without major problems. Group members share responsibilities for the presentation, have a plan, and are supportive of other group members.