Toward Sustainability Symposium Project

The last month of AP Environmental Science will not include more units of information from the text. Instead, we will switch gears and do research on a topic related to sustainability. The outcomes of this project will include:

  1. Project Topic Proposal
    1. What topic are you interested in?
    2. Why does this topic interest you?
    3. How is this topic related to sustainability?
  2. Research Paper covering the background of your topic
    1. 10 sources minimum including 5 professional science journals.
    2. Sections to include:
      1. Introduction: in which your topic is introduced and you state where you are going with the paper.
      2. Findings : Organized and integrated summary of related research articles about your topic (Minimum 6 double-spaced pages. Maximum 8 double-spaced pages).
      3. Conclusion : Summarize your findings.
      4. Literature Cited : MLA or style: should have sources listed alphabetically by the authors’ last names. All content within the body of the paper should be parenthetically referenced by the author’s last name, year of publication (Smith, 2006). Anonymous (no author listed) resources are not usable.
    3. Please print copies of your sources (other than books) and highlight important information to include (Include these in your binder just behind your research paper).
  3. Interview expert on the topic (ELIMINATED FOR 2006): Interview at least one scientist that is working on your topic.
    1. Write the interview questions ahead of time.
    2. You may interview them by phone, fax, or email. Please record phone interviews with their permission.
    3. Please make a written transcript of the interview(s)
    1. Suggestion 2: Learn your topic thoroughly before contacting them. Try to ask questions that are beyond those found in their research articles. Ask intelligent questions related to their current research...NOT ones that could have been answered by reading their old research.
  1. Practical application (What can you / we do to make changes toward sustainability using your knowledge gained from your research?)
    1. Include calculations of the mathematical application and savings from making the changes you suggest.
    2. Include diagrams (if applicable).
  2. Related survey of students or community members (or both)
    1. Include questions to measure the attitudes of the public toward changes you suggest.
    2. Results of your survey.
    3. Statistical analysis of your survey.
  3. Conclusions
    1. Integrate the knowledge from the previous sections and state your thoughts and conclusions about it.
    2. If you were going to continue digging deeper into this subject, what direction or directions would you pursue from here.
  4. 3 Ring Binder of Sections 1 through 6 with dividers labeled with the section headings.
  5. Refined PowerPoint , Web page, Video, or other presentation method: summarizes your project in a 10-15 minute presentation to give to our class and other science classes.