TO: Parents of Mr. Pitts’ Biology Students

FROM: Mr. Ken Pitts

CONCERNING: Progress Report Time and Classroom Supplies

It is close to time when progress reports will go out for students at Santiago. I am always concerned about my students and would like to see all of them above the D and F marks. If you are currently not able to check their grades by Internet and would like to, please email me at and I will sent you the URL and code to get in. I will also take your email, put it into my system, and then every time I update grades you will get an email alerting you to that.

Several things can be done to raise the grades at this time. 1) Some students need to take the unit test on evolution that was taken by the class over a week ago. I am available before school, lunch, and after school any day by appointment. 2) Work that is turned in late is accepted for 60% credit, which certainly beats having a 0% in the grade book. 3) Students may buy back 0’s on participation grades that were given for not having materials ready, behavioral distractions to the class, or being tardy and not ready to participate. I REALLY NEED WHITE 8.5 INCH BY 11 INCH COPY PAPER AT THE PRESENT TIME.

If you have any concerns, the easiest way to alert me is by email at My extension at the school is 2302 after calling (951) 739-5600 if you want to leave a voicemail or contact me in the classroom.