The ABC’s of Biology Volume 1

Due on the day that you take your final

P1: Jan 24th, P3 and P5: Jan. 26th, P4 and P6: Jan. 25th

In this activity you will be reviewing what you have learned this semester by creating an a-z book.



  1. You will go in order from A-Z.
  2. Each page will have one letter on it.
  3. Each page will need to have the following:



            A:  Allele-  One of a number of different forms of a gene




There are recessive and dominant alleles for some traits.  One example of a recessive allele that we studied is blue eyes, which is recessive to brown eyes.  Dominant alleles are genes that actually make proteins while recessive alleles are genes that have mutated and do not make proper proteins.

Ch 11 Page 265  Genetics


  1. You must have at least one word from each of the different chapters that we studied

  1. You must use the following terms for the appropriate letters, for all others you may come up with your own words.


Rubric you will be evaluated by:







Letters of the Alphabet

5 or 6 letters not included (5% deducted for each missing page from overall grade)

3 or 4 letters not included

All but 1 or 2 letters are included

All 26 letters of the alphabet included


Pictures are included but are rushed.

More than 3 pictures are not drawn carefully

All but 1 or 2 pictures are drawn carefully

All 26 letters have pictures that are drawn carefully

Three Sentences

Most letters have only 1 or 2 sentences.

More than 3 letters have less than three sentences.

All but 1 or 2 letters have at least 3 sentences

All 26 letters have at least three sentences describing the meaning and/or giving examples of the concept.

Required content Letters

3 or more of the required content letters are missing.

2 of the required content letters are missing

1 of the required content letters is missing

The seven required words are used for I, M, S, T, X, Y, & Z

Required Content Chapters

3 chapters are missing

2 chapters are missing

1 chapter is missing

All requested chapters included & written on pages

Effort and Usefulness

This book is a major rush job with the idea of getting it done and not making it useful.

Effort is given on a few of the pages, but many pages are rushed.

Effort is given on most of the book, but a few pages are rushed.

Effort is put into making a study tool that is useful for review of the semester test

Neatness and Care of Construction

The book is sloppy and little care is put into visual presentation.

The book is done but is not neat.

Most of the book is carefully constructed & neatly written and drawn.

Entire book is carefully constructed & neatly written and drawn.  Visual presentation is impressive.  Color or shading is used affectively


Please include this rubric with your booklet.  Please circle where you believe your grade should be on the rubric for all seven “Criteria” items.  Fold this and put it in your book.