Please work with the people at your table to solve the following problem. Use similar techniques used to test temperature, but do this for pH. Write the following sections to this lab problem:

PROBLEM: To what extent does pH affect the rate at which enzymes work?



DATA TABLE: 2 columns (1st column is # drops of vinegar, 2nd column # seconds)

GRAPH: X axis is the manipulated variable "Drops of Vinegar" and the Y axis is the responding variable "Seconds"

CONCLUSION: Using YOUR group's data, answer the following questions:

1) Did your data support your hypothesis? Use your data (at least 3 points on the graph) to support your answer.

2) What were possible sources of error in your experiment (2 minimum)?

3) How could these errors (extraneous variables) be eliminated?

4) What did you learn from this lab problem?