Behavioral Expectations for Success of all Class Members:

1) Be on time with your text book, writing equipment, assignments & paper.

2) Stay in your assigned seat unless you have permission to move to work with another student. You may sharpen your pencil or throw away trash if the instructor is not talking too the entire class.

3) When the instructor rings the bell, there is no talking after 5 seconds. All talking during lecture is prohibited except if you raise your hand and are called on.

4) Focus during class work time needs to be on the task given. Conversation that distracts this focus is prohibited.

5) If warned, any conversation about the fairness of that warning is to be done after class.

6) School inappropriate language or student put downs (teasing) result in automatic step 2 in consequences.

7) Respect for instructor and other students is expected 100% of the time.


1) A warning will be given by writing your name on the board. (results in 0 for the day)

2) An "X" will be placed by your name. (results in 30 min detention to be served by end of week)

3) Another "X" will result in 1 hour detention, parental contact, and possible ACP (depending on how blatant). If a parent contact has been previously made, the result will be an AP referral to appropriate Assistant Principal.


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