Acting Out DNA Processes

For this simulation the body is the deoxyribose sugar, the right hand holds the nitrogenous base, and the left arm is the phosphate. The hand on the left hand on the right shoulder is the only bond (touch) allowed other than the A with T or U, and the G with the C. RNA nucleotides will have the body be the ribose sugar.

1) Replication in nucleus (original DNA 12 + 12 DNA nucleotides + 2 enzymes = 26 participants)

6 Original DNA template : GTATAG (code used for #2 and #3)

6 Original DNA compliment: CATATC

12 free-floating nucleotides: G,T,A,T,A,G,C,A,T,A,T,C

2 Enzymes: DNA helicase (unzips DNA), DNA polymerase (matches correct DNA nucleotides to the originals)

2) Transcription in nucleus (original DNA 12 + mRNA 6 + 2 Enzymes= 20)

6 free floating nucleotides of mRNA that will become codons: C,A,U,A,U,C

3 Enzymes: DNA helicase (unzips DNA), RNA polymerase (matches RNA to DNA), RNA ligase (unzips mRNA from DNA)

3) Translation (mRNA 6 + tRNA 12 + 4 amino acids + ribosome 2= )

Anticodons of tRNA: GUA UAG GGU CGU

Amino acids: Histidine, Isoleucine, Proline, Alanine

Ribosome 2 people (1st help mRNA codon bond to tRNA anticodon, 2nd bonds amino acids from tRNA and releases the tRNA)