In Praise of Gregor Mendel

1) Who was Gregor Mendel? What was his "occupation?" When did he live? What subject(s) was/were his educational training in?

2) What kind of organisms did Mendel work with to do his experiments in genetics?

3) What are true-breeding plants?

4) Describe how Mendel crossed pollinated plants?

5) In the table below, please show what Mendel's 7 crosses were:





6) Explain what is meant by Mendel's principle of dominance:

7) Explain what is meant by segregation?

8) What was Mendel's law of segregation?

9) How did Mendel figure this law of segregation out? What was he looking at?

10) From you own mind, what do you think life would be like for monks in a monastary in the 1800's? Please think of 5 words that would be descriptive of what they do:

11) How did being a monk help Mendel to become the "Father of Genetics?"