Brain Measures / Teasers / Observations
Data & Questions Sheet

Name:__________________________________ Period:______

Vision Accuity Results:

Both Eyes: 20 / ______
Right Eye: 20 / ______
Left Eye: 20 / ______

How does your vision compare to normal vision?

Visual information is the most important for the brain for academic learning. Are you able to do this to the maximum possible with your current vision?

Astigmatism Test Results:

Which lines are the darkest to you. If the vertical line with a 12 on top and a 6 on bottom is darkest, write 12-6.

Right Eye: ____ to ____ is darkest. If they are all the same, write 0 to 0. Astigmatism: YES or NO

Left Eye: ____ to ____ is darkest. If they are all the same, write 0 to 0. Astigmatism: YES or NO

Binocular Vision:

How many attempts did it take to hit the test tube with

The left covered:____ The right covered:____ Both eyes uncovered:____

Summarize your findings on this test. What does this test tell you about the purpose of having 2 eyes?

What kind of tasks would be difficult if you were to lose an eye in an accident?

What vocations might be difficult or out of the question for people with a damaged eye?

Blind Spot Test:

Distance from the paper to your eyes when the spot disappears:
- closed Right Eye ______cm
- closed Left Eye ______cm

Describe at least one circumstance in which the blind spot could be a problem for you?

How could you compensate for this to prevent accidents?

Right and Left Brain Connectedness:

Watch a demonstration of someone trying to draw 2 separate figures: one with the right hand and a different one with the left hand. Describe what you saw:

What does this tell you about right and left brain connectedness?