Respiratory System Vocabulary

carbon dioxide






respiratory system

vocal cords

The 1)______________ _____________ is in charge of taking in 2)______________ gas from the atmosphere into the blood and releasing 3)___________ ___________ gas into the atmosphere from the blood. Air enters the body through the 4)________________ where particles are filtered by moist hairs and it is heated and moistened by the ciliated epithelial cells. Air then passes through section where the digestive and repiratory systems meet briefly, called the 5)______________. A flap called the 6)_______________ covers the respiratory opening into the trachea and vaults food past the trachea into the esophagus. The 7)________________ is where our voice comes from and produces sound only when the 8)____________ ___________ are tightened. The larynx responds to testosterone in males which makes get larger and the voice to go deeper.








The passage way from the larynx to the lungs is a cartilage reinforced tube called your 9)________________. It then divides into two 10)__________________ which split and take the air to each lung. The bronchi then divide and branch into many tiny tubes called 11)__________________. The air passage ends with 100's of millions of microscopic air sacs called 12)______________. They are surrounded by 13)__________________ which are the smallest blood vessels. The greatest amount of carbon dioxide is in the 14)__________________ so it diffuses into the alveoli air. The greatest amount of oxygen is in the alveoli air, so it 15)________________ from high to low concentration into the blood.