Disease Name Virus Human Symptom Progression
Influenza Influenza virus 1) chills, fever, headache, aches in the joints, skin sensitivity, and weakness
2) symptoms disappear in about a week
3) secondary respiratory infections such as bacterial pneumonia can follow
Rabies or Hydrophobia Rabdo virus 1) pain, burning, or numbness at the site of an animal bite (mammal)
2) headaches and unable to sleep
3) muscle spasms in the throat and difficulty swallowing
4) unconsciousness
5) death
Shingles Herpes zoster

1) skin becomes extremely sensitive usually in a band around the ribs or stomach on one side of the body
2) 1 day later a red rash with watery blisters appears in the same band
3) extreme pain in the area of the rash
4) pain may last for months

Chicken Pox Herpes zoster 1) skin rash on skin of back or chest
2) headache, discomfort with rash
3) rash becomes fluid filled blisters
4) blisters dry up and become scabs
Measles Rubella virus 1) fever (as much as 105), cough, runny nose, red & watery eyes that are sensitive to light
2) small pink spots with gray-white centers develop inside the mouth
3) 3-5 days later pink spots break out onface near hairline
4) pink rash spreads over the body in 2-3 days
5) fever and cough stop when it reaches the feet
Mumps Paramyxovirus 1) fever, headach, muscle ache, and vomiting
2) swelling in the glands of the neck below the jaw
3) pain of swollen glands make chewing painful
4) swelling last around 1 week and stops
Smallpox Pox virus 1) aches and extremely high fever (over 104)
2) 2-4 days later a rash appears on the face and spreads over the body
3) rash becomes 1000's of small pimples
4) pimples become large and pus filled
5) 2-4 weeks later the pimples scab over and fall off
6) 20% of victims die
7) survivors are permanently scarred and many blinded
Hepatitis Hepatitis A 1) weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and jaundice (yellowish discoloration of the skin)
Common Cold Rhinovirus 1) stuffy nose, throat, and air passages
2) may spread to ears, sinuses, and eyes
3) spreading to the throat can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia
4) symptoms last 2 days to 2 weeks