Scientific Method Assessment

As a group (your table) choose one of the following manipulated variables (mv) , choose a responding variable (rv)(quantitative), state the problem, make a hypothesis, design and carry out an experiment, record the results in the data table, summarize them in a graph, and make a conclusion:

Manipulated Variables:

___temperature (using warm water under the petri dish)
___drops of tylenol solution
___drops of ibuprofen solution
___drops of neoproxin sodium (Alleve)
___drops of tea
___drops of diet coke
___drops of cooking wine

Responding Variables:

___# of times past straight per minute
___# of oscillations per minute

On a separate piece of paper write the following sections:

1) Problem: [state it as "To what extent does _______(mv) affect the _______(rv)?"]

2) Hypothesis: [state with direction "As the _______(mv) increases the _____(dv) will _____?"]

3) Procedure: Write your procedure in numbered steps in the past tense with complete sentences.

4) Make a data table:

Blood Worm Control Group (state your treatment) Experimental Group (state your treatment)
Average (graph these 2 numbers)    

5) On a separate piece of graph paper graph 2 averages from the table above. The following is a sample graph for you to use as a model. Please don't write "RV", "DV", "Control" or "Experimental". Replace these with what you chose.

6) Write a conclusion that has the following information in it:

A) Did you data support your conclusion? Explain using the two averages.

B) Give two things that went well in this experiment.

C) Describe two things that were probably extraneous variables. Make suggestions on how to fix these if the experiment was done again.

D) What are two new questions (problems) this experiment made you think of?

E) What did you learn from this lab (two things minimum).