Please sequence the following processes in the order they should be in by putting a number in front of them:

___Form a Hypothesis

___Draw a Conclusion

___Publish the Results and Conclusions

___Record Results / Take Data

___Analyze Results / Data

___State the Problem

___Set Up a Controlled Experiment to Test the Hypothesis

___Research the Literature to See What is Known

Stephanie and Andy investigated the effects of sunlight on plants. Answer the following questions according to what you see in the video:

1) What is the PROBLEM statement for Andy and Stephanie's study?

2) What processes should Andy and Stephanie have RESEARCHed before doing this lab?

3) What was Andy and Stephanie's HYPOTHESIS?

4) How was this experiment a CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT (How did their set-up eliminate extraneous variables)?

5) When Stephanie and Andy RECORDED RESULTS, it was appropriate for them to do a drawing of their leaf. Please make a sketch of their results. In other words, draw a leaf and shade in their results.

6) What were their CONCLUSIONS about whether their hypothesis was supported by the data?