Pitts' Biology Class News for November 1, 2004

Students can make a huge difference in their grades this week in my class! You might ask, "How?"

Students can make a change in their grades by:

  1. We are taking our district's 1st Quarter Biology Exam on Thursday (periods 1 & 5) and Friday (periods 4 & 6) of this week . If students score higher on their district exam than their current grade, they will be given the higher of the two. WHAT A DEAL! We will be reviewing on Tuesday and Wednesday during class, but if any student needs more help, I will have a study session on Wed. & Thurs. evening at 7:00-8:30 in room D102. Parents are welcome. Please indicate below if you are planning to come so I can get a larger room if needed.
  2. Buying back poor homework grades. My classroom needs the following items in order of priority:
    1. reams of white paper (only 2 reams of copy paper are left)
    2. color markers for projects
    3. mice (with balls) for the computers in the room
    4. tennis balls for the bottoms of chairs
    5. mice for class python (one just showed up this morning, but he could consume several more this week) are ~$1 at pet stores.
  3. Turning in late homework and assignments for 60% credit.
  4. Retaking vocabulary quizzes that have low scores.

As a parent or guardian I have read the above news:___________________________________________________(signature)

I and my student will be attending the study session on Wednesday (for periods 1 & 5) ___YES(both) ___YES(student only) ___NO

I and my student will be attending the study session on Thursday (for periods 2 & 4) ___YES(both) ___YES(student only) ___NO