Earth Academy Biology 1A/1B Syllabus
Mr. Ken Pitts --- Room C107

Course Content

Biology 1A -1B is a science course designed for students to learn the basics of biological science including the following topics: science of life, ecology, cell biology and energetics, cell reproduction and genetics, human genetics & gene technology, evolution, disease & immunity, and human systems. This information will be applied to how humans fit into a system that includes both living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic) components interacting in ecosystems. The thematic emphasis of this course will center around how we can move toward living sustainably so we can fit into the system without doing harm to future generations.

Text Book

Biology, California edition, 2007 by Prentice Hall (the dragonfly book!)

First Semester

Second Semester

Grade Breakdown for Class:

Rules for Success in Pitts' Classes:

1)  Be on time!  The school tardy policy will be followed: 1st=warning; 2nd=30min. detention + home contact; 3rd=1hr detention + home contact; 4th = sent to AP (assistant principal) with a referral.
2)  Be prepared!  We will write every day so you will need paper, pencil (mechanical), pen, and a science notebook (can purchased from the instructor for $.25) to organize your materials. Bring your text on block days.
3)  Respect the rights of others and yourself!  The school cell phone policy is enforced in this classroom! Raise your hand to be recognized and respond to questions.  Use appropriate language. When the instructor rings the orange bell, you have 5 seconds to be silent. 30 minute detentions result if you take longer more than once.
4)  Respect the Property of Others and of the School: Keep feet off of furniture.  No sitting on or writing on lab tables or desks.  Be extremely cautious with computer equipment. No games on computers. Keep your hands off of equipment you are not using. No food or drink other than water (30 min detention).

My Expectation Every Day: Positive, Supportive, Cooperative, Collaborative, and Collegial Class Participation

Parents and students can access their grade and attendance at any time using the Zangle Parent Portal found at If you do not have access, parents may contact the registrars office to get a username and password. I expect students and parents to keep track of your grade and will not waste paper when it can be checked easily from any computer with Internet access. Please email me if there is a question about a grade or score.

I am available by request after school (until 3:30 pm) or before school (arrive by 6:30 am). I can be contacted most easily by the school email at The school phone at (951) 739-5600. You can find this class' web page at

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