Polydactyly is a condition in which an extra finger or toe appears in a child. This is an autosomal dominant trait. That means it is not inherited on the X or Y chromosome and a child has a 50% chance of inheriting it from a parent that is affected. Please produce a family pedigree for the following family:

Grandparents: Grandpa Joe had 5 toes; Grandma Eliza had 6 toes

They had 5 children: Jennifer had 5 toes; Elizabeth had 6 toes; Joseph had 6 toes; John had 6 toes; and Eleanor had 5 toes

Jennifer married Bob and had 2 children: Tim had 5 toes; Elly had 5 toes

Elizabeth married Gomer and had 1 child: Carson had 6 toes

John married Kaly and had 1 child: Kalyn had 5 toes

Eleanor married Rick and had 2 children: Richard had 5 toes; Cory had 5 toes