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State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Feb 10
Students will know why natural selection acts on the phenotype rather than the genotype of an organism.

1) Paradigms of where life comes from
2) Video from Howard Hughes Medical Institute: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" on Darwin's life (lecture 1)

Homework: Write Darwin paper from video (typed & spellchecked) RUBRIC format of paper (like this) :

Single spaced block paragraphs, give paragraph of introduction, a paragraph for each dark bullet, and a paragraph of summary.

Typed, grammar, spelling, mechanics, and smooth organization and reading also part of grading points (55 points possible).

Feb 12
Students will know variation within a species increases the likelihood that at least some members of a species will survive under changed environmental conditions.

1) Darwin's "Five"
2) Darwin Paper peer evaluated
3) Natural Selection Lab

Homework: 5 paragraphs A,B,C,D,&E of conclusion to the lab (see Section V of Lab Writeup, & Section V of Lab Rubric) Bring your text book on Tuesday

Feb 17



1) Natural selction lab due (peer evaluated with rubric)
2) Darwin's 5 review
3) Discussion of evolution evidences
4) Happy Birthday Earth activity to learn about geologic time (Geologic Timescale at UC Berkeley; What did the continents look like? animated)

HOMEWORK: Ch 15 - 2 outline; Happy Birthday Earth card

Feb 19



1) 15-2 & homework submitted
2) Transitional fossils video
3) Happy Birthday Earth celebration

Homework: 15-2 & 15-3 vocab & cues; 15-3 outline


Feb 23


Students know how to use comparative embryology, DNA or protein sequence comparisons, and other independent sources of data to create a branching diagram (cladogram) that shows probable evolutionary relationships.

1) Hand in homework
2) Charlie (toy poodle) and artificial selection (do populations have enough genetic variation for evolution to happen?)
3) How do amino acid sequences in closely and distantly related species compare? Cladograms

Homework: Ch 16-1 outline; finish cladogram

Feb 24



1) Hand in homework
2) Mechanisms of Evolution & Types of natural selection
3) Natural Selection writing assignment (natural selection writing) Corona Species

Homework: Natural Selection writing assignment (natural selection writing); 16-2 & 16-3 outlines

Feb 26



1) Peer evaluation of natural selection writing
2) Natural selection
3) Speciation (gradualism versus punctuated equilibrium)
4) Isolation
5) Genetic drift (java simulation)
6) coevolution

why does evolution matter?

Homework: Study for vocabulary quiz ( Quia Ch 15; Quia Ch 16) 16-2 & 16-3 outlines (if you didn't finish it for Thurs)

Mar 2

Mon (PLC)


1) Vocabulary quiz
2) Ch 15 & 16 Evolution Review ppt file; ch15 & 16 review in webpage format


Mar 3

1) Evolution MC Test 45 questions
2) why does evolution matter?
3) bacterial classification according to shape, clustering, gram-staining, capsules, and flagella

Homework: outline starting on mid ch 23-1 and ending with 23-2 (bacteria information)