Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Honors Biology

Jan 28 or 29

Mon or Tues


1) Video from Howard Hughes Medical Institute: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" (Flash; Real Player) on Darwin's life & ideas (lecture 1)
2) Darwin's 5 Notes

Homework: Write Darwin paper from video (typed & spellchecked) RUBRIC format of paper (like this) :

Single spaced block paragraphs, give paragraph of introduction, a paragraph for each dark bullet, and a paragraph of summary.

Typed, grammar, spelling, mechanics, and smooth organization and reading also part of grading points (55 points possible).

Feb 2
  1) Grade SNB assignments (vocab & nat sel lab)
2) Watch example of Natural Selection in pocket mice on lava flows
3) Discussion of Types of Selection and what fuels them.
4) Natural selection writing about a Corona species
Feb 6
  1) Radiometric Dating Lab (pennies for C14)
Feb 7
  1) Peer Evaluated Natural Selection Writing

Feb 19 & 20

Tues or Wed


1) Evidences showing species are related: homologous, vestigial, & analogous organs
2) Amino acid sequences compared to humans (please circle any differences from humans and count the total for each species)
3) Cladograms (fill in the chart with "X" to show which species have which traits)

Homework: the cladogram chart (only) and the amino acid sequence differences from humans; start timeline project on Gambassa (don't do this without seeing me; work in partners)

Feb 21 or 22

Thurs or Fri


1) questions about test study guide
2) Evolution Multiple Choice Test
3) Work on refining timelines

Homework: Study for Evolution Vocabulary on Quia.com & Semester 1 Review words; vocab quiz on Mon or Tues has words from evolution unit and selected words from 1st semester (15 + 15 = 30) PRACTICE TEST

Feb 25 or 26

2,4,6 Mon & 1,3,5 Tues

  1) vocabulary quiz (30 randomly selected words...no word bank)
2) begin next unit (viruses, bacteria, & our immune systems)