Cell Reproduction & Genetics


Whiteboard shot of "steps to writing a research paper"

Update: CBE style has been changed to CSE (Council of Science Editors)


Need a Journal? Try HiWire or Google Scholar

You will know you have a journal article if it is formatted like a science lab: Abstract, Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion. They are where scientist make their findings known.

Mock research paper using CSE style literature cited.

Research Paper Assignment

example paper from last year (ex 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Rubric for Evaluation used in Gambassa

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives


Oct 30 or 31

Tuesday or Wednesday



Students will know the role of chromosomes in determining an individual's sex.

Students will know why approximately half of an individual's DNA sequence comes from each parent.

1) Open notes photosynthesis and respiration test
2) The "Chrom" words & Karyotypes

normal female, normal male, down syndrome, turner syndrome, Kleinfelter syndrome

Homework: Vocab & Cues from p118; Cornell notes p118-124

Nov 1

Thursday or Friday

Students will know only certain cells in a multicellular organism undergo meiosis.

1) 1st Semester Research Paper Assignment
2) Mitosis Stages
3) Time for Mitosis Lab
4) Online Mitosis Stages Tutorial

Homework: 6 research paper sources due Monday: 1) named author's last name date of pub; 2) hyperlinked to source; 3) highlighting; 4) anchored


Nov 5


1) School essay writing day

Homework: vocab and cues 3

Tues & Wed

Nov 6 & 7



1) Mitosis vs Meiosis
2) Meiosis I & II Diagrams
3) Meiosis Details
4) Fall Research Paper Rubric

Homework: study for cell reproduction multiple choice test (study guide pdf); start writing your paper using hyperlinked parenthetical references

Thurs & Fri

Nov 8


1) Looking at mitosis vs meiosis
2) putting links in research paper
3) loop review (1st period only)

Homework:Study for Vocab Test Quia.com for cell reproduction ; photo resp; cells; ecology; sci biology

Begin study for next weeks mc cell reproduction test (study guide pdf)

Research Paper: need to begin writing into an outline for sections of paper and hyperlinking to web documents.

Tues & Wed

Nov 13 & 14

  1) Cell Reproduction Vocab Test (cumulative to the other 3 units)
2) Types of inheritance (Dom & Rec; Intermediate; Polygenic; & Gender)
3) Partner with "spouse" and make a baby for 31 of their facial traits
Nov 15 & 16

1) MC Test over Cell Reproduction
2) Mendel Day! In celebration of a genius!
3) Baby Face Lab

Homework: research paper (due Monday 26th after Thanksgiving break)

Nov 26 & 27
Mon & Tues
block days

1) Mendel worksheet
2) Lecture on P, F1, & F2 generations & Mendel's genius
3) Baby Making

Homework: research paper due at midnight Mon. 26 (be sure to save and submit before midnight.. if you have not edited your profile to be on Pacific Time...maybe you should)
Genetics Vocab and Cues (due 27 & 28)

Nov 28 & 29
Wed & Thurs
  1) Check Vocab & cues
2) Punnett Square and Probability (monohybrid & dihybrid crosses)
3) Baby Making Session

Dec 3

1-6 PLC


1) DNA Processes Lecture: Replication, Transcription, & Translation

Homework: DNA Vocab & Cues

Tues or Wed

Dec 4 & 5

Students will know how to apply the genetic coding rules to predict the sequence of amino acids from the sequence of codons in RNA

1) Discussion and review of DNA to RNA to AMINO ACIDS coding rules
2) Competition coding activity
3) Work on making genetic babies facial drawings

Homework: start studying for you BIG vocab test (10 words from DNA, 10 from Genetics, 20 words from the other categories) on Monday or Tuesday (DNA, Genetics, Cell Reproduction, Photo-Respiration, Cells, Ecology, Sci Method

Thurs or Fri
Students will know how DNA mutations can either help, harm, or not.

1) DNA mutations activity involving a FAT CAT and a SAD RAT
2) Semester Test Review time

Homework: Vocabulary Test on Monday or Tuesday's BIG vocab test (10 words from DNA, 10 from Genetics, 20 words from the other categories) on Monday or Tuesday (DNA, Genetics, Cell Reproduction, Photo-Respiration, Cells, Ecology, Sci Method ) Try taking the actual test: QUIA VOCAB TESTER

Mon or Tues
  1) Semester Vocabulary Test
2) Review for semester test
Wed, Thurs, or Fri

1) Semester MC Test

Homework: Ch 11 Take Home Test; Ch 12 Take Home Test (please complete bothe tests by Dec 31st); These go in as this semester's test grades. You can have as many attempts as you need to get 100%...grade raisers!

Jan 7



1) Welcome back
2) How to do Hardy-Weinberg Equation problems

Homework: Hardy-Weinberg Problems 1-6

Jan 8 or 9

Tues or Wed


1) Review of Hardy-Weinberg
2) Codominance Inheritance using blood typing as an example
3) Rh blood typing

Homework: 7-9 Hardy-Weinberg Problems

Jan 10 or 11

Thurs or Fri


1) Hardy-Weinberg questions?
2) Review of codominance and blood types (who could not be your parents?)
3) Pedigrees & Sex-Linked Inheritance

Homework: Please choose 2 traits that are interesting and not all people in your family have. Construct 2 pedigrees showing the inheritance of those traits (due Monday).

Jan 17 & 18

1) Share results of family trees for 4 possible types
2) Template

Homework: Please start assign yourself and your partner the " " and " "'s Genetic Traits Illustrated

Jan 22 & 23
Tues or Wed

1) Transgenic Organisms Activity
2) Test Review for Human Genetics Test
3) Time to work on unfinished projects

Homework: Study for your test; low scores will receive remedial assignments

Jan 24 & 25
Thurs or Fir

1) Ask questions over genetics review sheet
2) Take Human Genetics mc test
3) Finish drawing babies and take picture or continue working on the Genetics Traits Illustrated project on Gambassa.com

Homework: Read Text Ch 15 Section 1 for understanding in preparation for reading quiz on Monday or Tuesday