Human Systems

Schedule Dates

State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

April 13



1) Neuron structure & function
2) Visible Human Viewer
3) Brain parts and functions

April 27



STAR EXAM in morning

1) Lung capacity and ozone damage lab

April 29



1) Finished lung capacity lab
2) Respiratory System worksheet

Homework: Please use the "visible human viewer" to capture pictures of the respiratory system & then label the requested structures in a drawing program and print them.

May 3

Mon (PLC)

  1) hand in human cadaver respiratory pics labeled
2) discuss research paper
3) finish lab exercise intensity & heartrate recovery

May 4


  1) hand in lab
2) finish respiratory study guide
3) circulatory study guide
4) diagrams of circulation
5) video (microscopic miracle: blood)