1.       Write the chemical equation for photosynthesis.




2.       Explain why almost all organisms depend on photosynthesis.




3.       Describe the role of chlorophylls and other pigments in photosynthesis.





4.       Summarize the main events of the light reactions.




5.       Explain how ATP is made during the light reactions.





6.       Summarize the main events of the Calvin cycle.





7.       Describe what happens to the compounds that are made in the Calvin cycle.





8.       Explain how environmental factors influence the rate of photosynthesis.





9.       Please write the general formula for respiration




10.    Identify two major steps of cellular respiration.



11.    Compare lactic acid fermentation with alcoholic fermentation.




12.    Summarize the events of the Krebs cycle.





13.    Summarize the events of chemiosmosis in the making of ATP.