Cell Reproduction & Genetics

Whiteboard shot of "steps to writing a research paper"

Update: CBE style has been changed to CSE (Council of Science Editors)


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You will know you have a journal article if it is formatted like a science lab: Abstract, Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion. They are where scientist make their findings known.

Mock research paper using CSE style literature cited.

Research Paper Assignment

2008-9 Exemplary Paper turned in by Vanessa Zin (appendix not included in file)

Exemplary Paper in PDF

Rubric for Evaluation

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State Standards / Objectives

Instructional Activities

Nov 24

Periods 1-6 PLC Mon


Students will know the role of chromosomes in determining an individual's sex.

Students will know why approximately half of an individual's DNA sequence comes from each parent.

1) Results of Photosynthesis & Respiration test discussed
2) The "Chrom" words & Karyotypes

normal female, normal male, down syndrome, turner syndrome, Kleinfelter syndrome

Homework: Vocab & Cues section 8-2, Outline 8-2 Due Tues

Nov 25


Periods 1,3,5

Students will know only certain cells in a multicellular organism undergo meiosis.

1) 8-2 homework due
2) Mitosis Stages
3) Cell Cycle
4) Online Mitosis Stages Tutorial
5) Time for Mitosis Stages Lab

Homework: finish lab including calculations, graph, & questions

Dec 1


Periods 1-6

Students will know only certain cells in a multicellular organism undergo meiosis.

1) Review of mitosis (cells alive)
2) Cell Cycle introduction (cells alive animation)
3) Finish "time for mitosis" lab questions.

Homework: 8-3 vocab cues & outline (due Tuesday)

Dec 2


Periods 1,3,5


1) biology in motion review of mitosis & meiosis
2) meiosis
3) 8-2, 8-3 study guides

Study for Vocab Test on Thursday (20 Questions from ch 8, 10 questions from biochemistry, ecology, & sci meth)

Dec 4


Periods 1,3,5

  1) Vocab Review (round the room)
2) Vocab Test
3) Ch 8 Review Questions

Dec 9


Periods 1,3,5


1) Ch 8 Powerpoint Review
2) Ch 8 Multiple Choice Test
3) Discuss Research Paper Rubric
4) In praise of Mendel

Dec 10

1) Learning to talk the talk of genetics & noisy baby making
2) Coin tossing & genetic probability

Homework: Finish Mendel Questions

Dec 11
  1) Mendel Questions due
2) Go over Mendel
3) Finish Coin Tossing Lab for eye colors
4) Polygenic Traits LAB

1) Discussion of genetics and probability / product rule problems
2) Human Baby Face Lab
3) Human Genetics Problems

youtube: how to draw a face

Homework: Human Genetic Problems

Jan 5



1) Discussion of Research Papers
2) Monohybrid Cross
3) Dihybrid Cross

Homework: Genetics Problems Online (all 13 problems; write down basics of problem, a Punnett square, and correct answer)

Jan 6

1,3,5 Tues


1) DNA & RNA basics
2) 3 processes of nucleic acids
3) Competition Coding for candy! Break the code for sweet results

Homework: prepare for genetics problems test similar to the online problems only with people's face traits

Jan 8

1,3,5, Thurs

  1) Bring books to class
2) genetics problems multiple choice test
3) DNA to Protein Story in Cartoon Form

Jan 9



Jan 12



1) Return of Research Papers (54 out of 82 are graded) personal mtg with students of deficient papers
2) Continue with DNA to Protein cartoon

Homework: Watch Yahoo and YouTube videos of "DNA Replication, transcription, translation"

Jan 13



1) HIS FAT CAT ATE THE RAT (mutations: point & frameshift lecture)
2) DNA to Protein cartoon work

Homework: Semester Test Review PPT (html version) username & password f-word most used by Pitts in class (free powerpoint viewer download) IF YOU NEED THE PASSWORD, EMAIL ME (kpitts@cusd.k12.ca.us)

Jan 27


Students will know how to predict the probable mode of inheritance from a pedigree diagram showing phenotypes.

1) Sex-Linked disorder

2) Pedigrees

Homework: Vocab Cues & Outline for ch 12-2

Jan 29

1) Codominant inheritance with blood typing lab
2) Sex-Influenced Inheritance

Homework: 2 questions 1) what did you learn from YOUR blood typing lab results? 2) how do you clone a mammal?

Feb 2

1) Cloning discussion
2) Hardy-Weinberg Introduction

Homework: Finish all Hardy-Weinberg Problems

Feb 3
  1) Review Hardy Weinberg
2) Video Stem Cells
3) Human Genetics Test Review

Feb 5

  1) Questions about study guide or human genetics problems?
2) Human Genetics Tes