1st Semester
Honors Biology Research Paper

This semester, you have the opportunity to research a biology/science related occupation. Please include the following information in your paper:

  1. Name of the occupation.
  2. Describe what one does in this occupation.
  3. How would you prepare/certify for this occupation?
  4. What are several colleges and universities that offer training for this profession and what will the yearly cost be for attending each institution?
  5. What salary can one expect (beginning, mean/median, high end)?
  6. What is the outlook (future) for this occupation (will there be a demand?)?
  7. What are several innovations (new procedures, technologies, or strategies) that are at the forefront of this occupation?
  8. What do you see as the +'s and -'s of this occupation FOR YOU (done after your paragraph of conclusion)?

The following are due dates and explanations of sections of the paper.

  1. Project Topic Proposal
    1. What science related occupation are you interested in?
    2. Must reply to Mr Pitts Blog about occupations for Period 1 or Period 5 on Gambassa.
  2. Research Paper covering the background of your topic (Due Monday Dec 5) 200 points (25 points extra credit added to grade for submitting aweek early)
  3. 6 sources (with authors) minimum including 2 professional science journals (primary sources). You may use "Anonymous" (the author isn't listed) authored sources, but you still need 6 authored sources. So if you use 2 "Anonymous" sources, then you will have a minimum of 8 sources in your Literature Cited section.
  4. Sections to include:
    1. Introduction: in which your topic is introduced and you state where you are going (preview) with the paper (parenthetical references are not required here if material used is going to be referenced within the findings.
    2. Findings: Organized and integrated summary of related articles about your topic (Minimum of 1200 words and a maximum of 1800 words). If you write a 600 word report, a 50% grade reduction will be assessed. If you write a 900 word report, a 25% grade reduction will be assessed.
    3. Conclusion: Paragraph 1: Summarize your findings to remind the reader of your paper's main points. Paragraph 2: Please write about what YOU see as the +'s and -'s of doing this job for you personally. Please analyze yourself in a personal way and relate that to how this job would fit you.
    4. Literature Cited : CSE style: should have sources listed alphabetically by the authors’ last names. All content within the body of the paper should be parenthetically referenced by the author’s last name, year of publication, anchor number in the web document where information comes from (Smith 2006, 4). Anonymous (no author listed) resources will not count toward your six required sources..
    5. Web Documents : Please produce "Web Documents" for all of your sources in your SHARE in Gambassa and highlight (use 2 colors: 1st color for information that could be used & 2nd color for information actually used) important information you included in your paper. They need to be anchored and numbered so the parenthetical references can be linked to and the reader can click on the hyperlink to see the source when the reader is browsing through the paper in "Project View".

Occupation List (you are not limited to this list, but the occupation has to be science related):